Chris Brown took to the internet about Rihanna Assault after the Super Bowl and then called Nic Cage and a host of other celebrities about their own allegations

Chris Brown has been a fixture in the music industry for over two decades and continues to produce music. Despite his success, his career has also been marred by a number of legal and personal issues, with Brown having a history of sexual assault charges and arrests on alleged assault and drug charges. Though the most notable situation he’s been involved in is arguably a 2009 incident in which he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna. Well over a decade later, the situation still seems to be in the public consciousness, and Brown seems more than aware of it. Because shortly after his ex’s Super Bowl LVII halftime performance, he lashed out at those still chastising for the assault. Brown even called out Nic Cage and other celebrities about their own allegations.

The Grammy winner took to his Instagram story last Friday to share his brutally honest thoughts. Addressing those who still “hate” him for the “mistake” he made years ago, the singer said the commenters “can kiss my whole damn ass.” In his remarks, he also mentioned unnamed rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock, who, as Chris Brown puts it, “beat each other up in front of the world.” You can see his message in its entirety below:

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These comments come shortly after the “With You” singer responded to Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl, which prompted a reaction from both Adele and Zendaya. As noted by Page Six, he wrote “GO GIRL” in one post, adding a red heart and praying hands emojis. The comment was subsequently slammed by social media users across the internet. Addressing the criticism further, the Stomp the Yard alumni pointed out what he believes is a double standard between white male actors and their male non-white counterparts:

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In February 2009, Chris Brown got into a heated argument with Rihanna that resulted in physical violence, and as a result, the “Umbrella” singer was hospitalized with severe facial scars. Brown then turned himself in to authorities and later that year pleaded guilty to a felony. As part of a plea bargain, he received five years probation, months of community service and required domestic violence counseling. A judge also enforced a five-year restraining order between Brown and his ex. Brown and Rihanna would eventually resume dating in 2013, only to break up again after just a few months.

The Wall to Wall performer was also recently called out after Chloe Bailey revealed they had been collaborating on a new single How Does It Feel. 3LW and Cheetah Girls alum Kiely Williams eventually blasted him on social media after Bailey confirmed the news. With that, the This Christmas star took a screenshot of Williams’ post and called her out:

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This latest development suggests that many still have strong feelings about Chris Brown’s actions. However, his posts suggest he is done with the ongoing criticism. One can only speculate if there will be similar comments from the public when Brown’s new single starring Chloe Bailey is officially released next week.