Chris Rock’s “Selective Outrage” Divides the Internet: Complaints about Will Smith’s Oscar slap fail to impress viewers

One of the topics dominating social media the most right now is Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage.

The talented comedian just released a new special in which he confronted the “slap incident” with self-deprecating humor and backstabbing at Oscar winner Will Smith.

When Rock finally addresses the incident, he doesn’t mince his words. He draws attention to their size difference and describes the encounter as a fight between David and Goliath.

This special seems to have ripped the internet in half. Many online users found it entertaining, but some had mixed feelings about Rock’s show. Twitter users even noted that the show was more about criticizing the incident than it was actually funny.

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For some, the tone Rock presented in his latest standup special for Netflix, which was performed in Baltimore at the streamer’s first global live event, wasn’t well received by fans. People found the whole sketch mean, predictable, and boring, and trolled Chris Rock on social media.

According to MSN, Rock, like many of Generation X’s most popular comedians these days, was beginning to sound like the neighbor who bitches about kids. Others argued that it was a weak, limp program that didn’t benefit from the live broadcast except to publicize Netflix for its much-anticipated remarks on Will Smith.

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Several fans found it disgusting to see Rock whining about the children’s social media presence, vigilance and emotionality. In the special, Rock laughs at them and says they don’t actually have any problems.

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Here are some of the comments people have made about Rock’s performance on Twitter:

Properly titled Chris Rock’s spotty outrage but wrong comedian, this special wasn’t funny. I think Chris Rock needs Jesus and serious counseling! Chris Rock is 60 years old, he needs to change his formula and stop making fun of the black community?

— Power123trust Trust (@power123trust)

With everything that’s going on in the world, Chris Rock STILL has Jada and Will’s names on his lips. Go to therapy, man.

— Hand of the Queen (@DPMCanty)

The most Chrisrocking thing about all of this is that he screams that you don’t fight in front of white people, but don’t even think about what it means to joke about a BW and her hair in front of white people

— David Dennis Jr. (@DavidDTSS) March 5, 2023

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Rock seemed terribly unprepared for the conditions of 2023. His gags felt extremely dated, covering subjects like Blac Chyna, the Kardashians and the days when people posted photos of sushi on Instagram, and his material was oddly out of touch from start to finish. Even his own writing about finding love in his 50s after a divorce is comparable to his 2018 special Tambourine.