CIO HR and Staffing Management Kit 2022: Internet and IT Job Descriptions, IT Job Classification & Pay Grade, Interview and Hiring Guide, Latest IT Salary Survey –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Added CIO HR and Staffing Management Kit report Offer.

The CIO HR and Staffing Management Kit provides the tools needed to support the CIO and IT department in their quest to attract and retain the best IT talent.

The job descriptions included in the Internet and Information Technology HandiGuide job descriptions are all in a standard format and are available in ePub (eReader), PDF and Word formats. All job descriptions have been reviewed and updated to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO 27000 security standards.

The latest version of the HandiGuide was completed in 2022 and is over 900 pages long. The HandiGuide for Internet and IT job descriptions contains example organizational charts, a job history matrix and 320 job descriptions. The book also addresses fair labor standards, sexual harassment and the ADA, and is in a new, easier-to-read format.

Each job description conforms to ADA standards and each job description is delivered in electronic format – WORD (.docx) which can be edited and PDF which can be printed. Also included are tools to help you expand, assess, and define your company’s unique additional requirements.

Classification system for IT job families

IT Job Family Classification System – In both an individual’s personal career planning and a company’s staffing, promotion and compensation, it is important to have benchmarks for the levels at which individuals are. To that end, one of the best objective ways to achieve this goal is through formal job descriptions and clear avenues for promotion and compensation.

Over the past three decades, Janco Associates and its Principles have created a set of over 320 IT job descriptions that are considered by many to be the industry standard. As a natural extension of this offering, Janco has documented its IT job classification system.

IT Salary Survey

IT Salary Survey – Janco and have been conducting IT job market surveys since 1989. Data from this survey was published in the Computer Industry Almanac, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, eWeek, and many other business and industry publications. Additionally, it has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and multiple national and international media outlets over the years.

The CIO HR and Staffing Management Kit is provided in MS WORD, PDF and ePub formats. Included are the following

  • Internet and IT job descriptions HandiGuide

  • All job descriptions

  • IT job classification and salary level HandiGuide

  • Interview and Hiring Guide

  • Latest IT Salary Survey (PDF format only)

The only tool every CIO and IT department needs to successfully compete for the best IT talent

Every successful CIO and IT organization has the right organization and staffing. The basis for this is an organization with clear responsibilities, competitive remuneration and clear career paths that all IT professionals can relate to.

Interview and Hiring Guide

Interview and Hiring Guide – The interview remains the tool that allows you to get to know your candidate more personally. The interview process helps other employees “own” the new employee who joins your company.

The guide contains specific questions that can be asked in various areas, including:

  • Previous employment

  • Position for which the candidate is interviewing

  • education and training

  • If this is a position that could be WFH

  • decision making and creativity

  • management and leadership

  • Activities and interests outside of work

  • Questions to avoid

In order for the recruitment and introduction process to meet the criteria set by world-class organizations, it includes:

  • Questions that the interviewer should be prepared to answer

  • The screening continues best practices

  • Best practices for phone screening

  • Interview Top 10 Best Practices

  • Set best practices

Also included are electronic forms for:

  • Interview Questionnaire

  • Background Check Eligibility

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