City sponsored mobile event planned with drag show in front of historic church

Citizens in Mobile are speaking out against an event planned for June 9 that includes a public drag show.

LoDa ArtWalk, a monthly event sponsored by the City of Mobile’s Parks & Recreations Division, the Mobile Arts Council and other partners, celebrates Pride Month with its exhibit in June. The event includes art, music, photo ops and crafts. A Kids Zone will also be set up. However, many in the community fear an outdoor drag show may be inappropriate for children who could be exposed.

“How can a drag queen show be accessible to our kids?” asked concerned citizen Cathy Odom. “We don’t want our kids to watch adult movies or watch porn.”

Odom spoke to the Mobile City Council on Tuesday morning.

(Odom at 42:15 in the video below)

“I’m retired and committed to no big company, only to God, my country and my family,” she explained. “Mom said to have the courage to speak up when something is wrong. Well, here I am.”

Odom said she previously raised concerns about Rainbow Pride and Prism United film screenings at the park. She said she didn’t want children in Mobile being groomed at public events.

“These organizations are part of the human rights campaign that supports the dismantling of our society and the destruction of our culture and family unit,” she added.

A video of a drag show in Birmingham recently circulated on the internet. It featured scantily clad men, sometimes making suggestive gestures toward the crowd. There are also videos of children putting dollar bills in some drag queens’ underwear. That is why citizens are now sounding the alarm at public events.

“How about an indoor venue for an adult audience who might be ok with this LGBTQ lifestyle, and why don’t we rate them like the films do?” Odom suggested. “I don’t want my grandchildren to be exposed to this. We’re not the bright city these events portray, and we don’t want to be. This pushes DEI to the limit, the inclusion of steroids. Are we trying to improve our ESG scores?” “Are we going to get more federal money or do we want a better interest rate on our loans?”

The event takes place in Cathedral Square, a city park. The park is in front of the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, built in 1711.

“It is ironic that this is happening in front of our Catholic Cathedral, which upholds all of our Judeo-Christian principles on which this country was founded,” Odom said. “…Be the leaders you should be. They were elected by Mobilians. Do what the people of Mobile ask you to do. This is where it starts if we want to take back our land. And folks, we’ve lost our country if we don’t talk loud.”

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