Civil rights attorney Ben Crump calls the DOJ to extradite the alleged killer of an American woman in Mexico

By Neirin Gray Desai For Dailymail.Com 15:06 05 Mar 2023, updated 15:31 05 Mar 2023

The family of Shanquella Robinson, who was killed aged 25, has called for their killer to be brought to justice. Robinson died on a trip to Mexico in October, and video showed her being beaten. Attorney Ben Crump said the suspect should be extradited or charged in the US

The family of a US influencer who died after being violently beaten while on vacation in Mexico has called on the government to crack down on their alleged killer.

Shanquella Robinson, 25, died in Cabo in October – and now her family’s lawyers have joined in demanding the State Department and Justice Department either extradite the suspect to Mexico or try him in the US.

Robinson’s case was taken by famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump – who represented George Floyd’s family and recently announced he would be suing over the death of Malcolm X.

Crump said during a press conference in Washington DC his office has confirmed that the Mexican government has identified a suspect in Robinson’s murder – and that they are currently at liberty in the US.

Robinson, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was found dead while vacationing in San Jose Del Cabo. Initially, the group she was with allegedly blamed alcohol poisoning for her death – but an autopsy later concluded her neck and spine were broken.

The family of Shanquella Robinson, who died during a trip to Mexico in October and was just filmed being beaten, have called for their alleged killer to be brought to justice. Robinson’s family is being represented by famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump (pictured), who said Mexico had completed its own investigation and identified a suspect who is now at large in the United States. Sallamondra Robinson, her mother, is on Crump’s left

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Shortly after her death, a video went viral in which she was seen being severely beaten by another woman in a hotel room – while at least two people watched and recorded.

Her family members have called on President Joe Biden and the US State Department to help bring those responsible to justice.

“I intend to speak to the highest levels of our government to say that Shanquella Robinson is not irrelevant and that all of you must treat her with the same dignity and respect as any citizen of merit in the United States,” Crump said during Friday’s conference.

He added: “The United States government should do one of two things. First, they should either extradite the person who murdered Shanquella Robinson to Mexico to face the charges and crimes she is accused of.

‘Or two, they should take charge. Mexico is ready to give the United States jurisdiction to bring a case against those responsible for the assassination of Shanquella Robinson.

“The only question is, State Department, President Biden, what will you do to bring justice to this heartbroken family? Especially that mother of Shanquella Robinson?”

Sue Ann Robinson (pictured) traveled to Mexico to catch up on the Mexican government’s investigation into Robinson’s death with her friends in Cabo, Mexico, in late October

Crump said that an attorney from his office was sent to Mexico to gather evidence and understand the state of the Mexican investigation. That attorney, Sue Ann Robinson, concluded that the investigation was closed and that a suspect, now in the US, had been identified.

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“The ball is clearly in the United States,” the State Department, the Justice Department, the ball is in your hands. Do what you have to do,” said Robinson, who is not related to Shanquella.

Sallamondra Robinson, Shanquella’s mother, also spoke on Friday. “I am here as an American citizen to ask our President and everyone who has the power to bring justice to my daughter to help me, please help me and my family,” she said.

Her sister, Quilla Long, described the family’s difficulties in bringing about justice. “This trip has been frustrating, feeling discouraged towards our government. I feel like our government has let us down,” she said.

Activist Tamika Mallory also addressed the media on Friday. “All too often when black women are hurting, people don’t show up and fight,” she said.

“What we see is very clear. She was beaten to death. And if she wasn’t beaten to death, someone has to come and tell us exactly what happened,” she added.

Shanquella Robinson, a Charlotte resident, died on October 29 while vacationing in Cabo, Mexico. Video surfaced showing one of her friends brutally beating her in a villa

In the month after her death, Mexican officials confirmed they were investigating Robinson’s death as femicide, which is regional terminology for the premeditated killing of a woman.

Officials also revealed that her neck was broken and her spine severed, both of which were discovered during an autopsy.

This news came after video surfaced that appeared to show Shanquella being spanked naked in her hotel room.

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Robinson’s mother said her daughter’s friends originally called her and said she had died of alcohol poisoning.

“My heart is just torn to pieces,” her mother said. “Shanquella was my heart.”

“I got a call on Saturday night that Shanquella wasn’t feeling well,” she said, adding that she quickly realized there was more to the story.

“At the time we questioned each of them and each of them gave us a different statement,” she told GMA on Friday.

“I didn’t believe them because before they even got back to Charlotte… someone called us and said someone was fighting them over there,” she added.

She also said Shanquella is dating someone her mother knows “very well” and hoped he would babysit her daughter, but “it wasn’t.”

“I wouldn’t wish this horrible nightmare on anyone,” her mother said on Friday.

“My daughter was brutally beaten on video. She was undressed and there were many people who could have helped her. They laughed and joked instead. Shanquella came back from vacation dead with a broken neck and spine.’