Clear juniper cocktail quality ice maker

Wintersmiths, responsible for creating premium barware for professional bartenders and home mixers, has once again taken to Kickstarter to unveil their latest creation in the form of the Juniper clear ice maker. Capable of making three different ice shapes including scoops and 2″ cubes, the ice maker can freeze 12 2″ scoops every 24 hours and can be plugged in or simply used to utilize its built-in water reservoir.


– Modern, compact design with anodized aluminum housing. Measures 15 1/8″ H x 16 5/16″ L x 10 3/8″ W.
– Rapidly produces ultra-dense, long-lasting, symmetrical, crystal clear ice in 4-8 hours (4 hours for 16 small cubes / 8 hours for 4 large cubes or balls)
– Makes twelve clear 2.5” ice cream scoops or 2” cubes or ninety-six 1.25” cubes every 24 hours
– Choose standard mode or speed mode to produce non-clear ice at 2x faster rate
– Virtually no wasted water or energy sealed system, no drain required
– Incredibly easy to use – single LED digital dial + intuitive indicator lights
– Simple cleaning cycle to maintain the device
– Quiet operation (less than 45 dB)
– Works with any water source (tap, spring, distilled, etc.)
– Removable water tank or optional direct water pipe connection
– Designed to fit on your kitchen counter but you can also store it when not in use
– Durable components plus extended 12-month warranty and right-to-repair methodology

Backer Early Bird Pledges are available now for the new project from around $499 or £416 (depending on current exchange rates) and offer a significant discount of around 50% off the suggested retail price while the Kickstarter crowdfunding is ongoing.

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“Let’s face it. Most ice cream makers do a lousy job. They’re poorly built, ugly, and make small, cloudy, fast-melting ice cream. We’ve designed the ice cream maker that we want to display in our kitchens and bars and use every day. We Introduce Juniper, using our latest patent-pending technology to automatically produce truly crystal clear, slow-melting, bar-quality ice in 75% less time and using significantly less water than other methods.”

Clear Ice Maker

“When we say clear, we mean our ice looks like glass. Not only is clear ice visually better, but it also doesn’t contain air bubbles, so it’s denser than regular ice, meaning it melts slower and doesn’t break apart – keeping your drink cooler longer with less dilution. There are many products that claim to produce “clear ice,” but you’ll find that most of them are either only partially clear or not clear at all. In contrast, we’ve been relentlessly pursuing truly clear ice for the past decade, and the proof is in all of our products.”

Assuming the Juniper crowd funding campaign successfully meets its required fundraising goal and manufacturing proceeds smoothly, global shipping is expected sometime in September 2024. To learn more about Juniper’s clear ice machine project, watch the promotional video below.

“Based on the surface area to volume ratio, different ice shapes/sizes melt at different rates. A large ball of ice has the lowest surface area to volume ratio and is best suited for beverages that require minimal dilution; while small cubes have the highest ratio and work great in beverages where more dilution is preferable.”

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For a full list of all available early bird pledges, stretch goals, additional media, and detailed specifications for the clear ice machine, please visit Juniper’s official crowdfunding campaign page by visiting the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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