Clix reports that 99% of its 12 million users stream entertainment guides exclusively on mobile

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE).1 The almost exclusively mobile behavior targeting consumer demand “what-to-watch” in a sea of ​​streaming content is an industry first. According to Google Analytics, Clix users are migrating to mobile en masse to first discover their top entertainment choices before watching them on any screen and platform.

“Our consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Z, expect to get the information they need about what they want to watch instantly—anytime, anywhere in this ever-changing landscape,” said Ed Sullivan, Clix founder and CEO. “Our users know that Clix has partnered with top streamers to make it easier to find the best to watch.”

Clix’s 12 million registered users are growing by nearly 800,000 users per month in the US, according to Google Analytics. The company also has a strong global audience, with around half of its new user traffic coming from entertainment-focused young audiences such as users from India, the Middle East, Asia and Western Europe.

“Everyone’s walking around with a TV in their pocket and this burning question on their lips, ‘What do you want me to stream today?’ said Stacy Jolna, Founder and CMO of Clix and recognized industry disruptor, who was part of the original leadership team that created the disruptor TiVo. “Clix on your iPhone or Android device is the fastest way to see our discover-and-watch recommendations called ClixPix, whether you’re riding the subway, just getting bored in class, or in a group to catch up on the hottest chat new series and movies.

“These key behavioral observations point to a general shift in audiences demanding additional control over how they engage in entertainment consumption,” Jolna added. “Technology has taught us to expect instant gratification, and Clix delivers that with a ‘what to watch’ guide that saves the time and frustration of wading through a plethora of offerings on streamers and other platforms.” It’s about bringing clarity in a time of chaos and making viewing stress-free and fun for our consumers.”

“Our best video-centric streaming suggestions, ClixQuizzes on TV, movies and sports, and our growing shop feature for exactly what you want to buy combine to create a personal connection with our viewers,” adds Patricia Sullivan , Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “The demands and desires of our viewers are Clix’s guide to what we’ll be revealing next. We know they don’t want to have to wade through more guides and grids in search of their entertainment experience.”

Clix’s what-to-watch methodology combines artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as expert human editorial curation, script and cinematography excellence, great acting and direction, all of which contribute to our recommendations as well as the opinion of our Clix social community.

Ed Sullivan adds, “Make it right for the consumer and we will make it right for everyone involved in the ecosystem!”

Clix is ​​focused on advancing the entertainment experience for mobile, desktop and home screens, available on 80+ long-form linear channels and platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, FreeVee, BoxOne and LG Smart TVs. The majority of Clix viewers are Gen Z and Millennials who prefer their mobile device for quick what-to-watch updates.

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About Clix,

Clix is ​​a cross-platform streaming company at the intersection of entertainment, technology and e-commerce. It’s free and reaches 120 million digital television homes and is streamed monthly by more than 100 million online viewers. It has on-any-screen distribution for mobile, web, and home use: along with the company’s web, iOS, and Android distribution. Clix is ​​broadcast on 80+ long-form linear channels on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, FreeVee, Box One, LG Smart TV and all Plex TV channels. It offers original entertainment, lifestyle, humor and sports programming from award-winning producers and emerging talent. Clix features social media influencers, celebrity athletes, chefs, comedians, eSports commentators, adventurers and more. The range of content includes hot trends, extreme sports, fashion and lifestyle, travel and adventure, fun, food and wellness, fitness, kids stuff and more. Clix is ​​also a champion of advertising for top series and movies on major streaming platforms, making it easier for viewers to find what they want to watch and subscribe to leading streaming services. Clix is ​​also a promotional location for motion pictures. Clix is ​​an immersive, direct-to-consumer branded experience where viewers can view, shop and earn Clix Cash rewards redeemable for branded products or charities they support.

Clix leadership team

Edward M Sullivan is the founder and CEO of Clix. He received multiple Emmy and Telly awards for his entertainment marketing and branding as head of Pittard-Sullivan, which launched and relaunched over 200 channels worldwide including CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, Discovery Communications and DirecTV. Sullivan was a catalyst, driving viewers to specific programming and networks for distributors, studios, content creators, and advertisers. His company also worked closely with Jolna to develop the brand and network-like interface for personal video recorder company TiVo and Microsoft’s WebTV.

Stacy Jolna, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is the recipient of multiple News & Documentary Emmy Awards, the Cannes Lion and the Peabody Award. He has been at the interface of media and technology for three decades. As a founding member of the executive team at TiVo, another successful industry disruptor, Jolna helped propel the company from idea to successful IPO and billion-dollar market capitalization. He served as Chief Marketing Officer, built the legendary TiVo brand and led investments by nearly every major media company. He was senior vice president and general manager of News Corp/TV Guide’s Digital TV Group. A successful executive in broadcast journalism, he was Senior VP and Senior Executive Producer of Special Reports at Time Warner/CNN and launched the award-winning CNN Presents.

Patricia Sullivan, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, is an award-winning entertainment entrepreneur who has built multiple production and post-production companies from concept to multi-million dollar exits. A veteran Hollywood producer, her innovative productions helped launch networks and TV shows worldwide. Patricia has created movie trailers that push opening weekend box office receipts past the $100 million mark for studios like Disney. Patricia’s work has received top awards including ATAS (Emmy), NY Film Festival, Monitor, Belding, BDA, Houston Film Festival, Gracie and Telly.

1 Google Analytics

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