Cloud4C signs MoU with NAVER Cloud to Rev Up Its GTM Operations in ASEAN Market

SINGAPORE, October 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aiming to strengthen its GTM (Go-To-Market) collaborations in the Southeast Asian region, Cloud4C Services, the world’s most trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NAVER-Cloud , South Korea Top Cloud Service Providers (CSP). The two market leaders plan to further extend their existing partnership by agreeing to jointly realize each other’s expansion goals in the ASEAN region.

Photo from left: Sky Lee (Manager, NAVER Cloud), Hitesh Bhardwaj (Senior Vice President, Cloud4C), Andrew Ahn (Business Strategy Director, NAVER Cloud), Sridhar Pinnapureddy (Chairman, Cloud4C), Weon-Gi Park (CEO, NAVER Cloud), Peter Seo (Country Manager Korea, Cloud4C), Ravi Shankar K (Marketing Manager, Cloud4C), Sola Nam (Marketing Manager, Cloud4C)
Photo from left: Sky Lee (Manager, NAVER Cloud), Hitesh Bhardwaj (Senior Vice President, Cloud4C), Andrew Ahn (Business Strategy Director, NAVER Cloud), Sridhar Pinnapureddy (Chairman, Cloud4C), Weon-Gi Park (CEO, NAVER Cloud), Peter Seo (Country Manager Korea, Cloud4C), Ravi Shankar K (Marketing Manager, Cloud4C), Sola Nam (Marketing Manager, Cloud4C)

headquartered in Seongnam, Seoul, NAVER Cloud is a leading CSP providing global IT infrastructure management and enterprise solutions for NAVER Corporation, Korea’s largest internet company, and its other subsidiaries and organizations in various industries. NAVER Cloud offers the largest services among South Korean CSPs, relying on the expertise of merging the DNA of NAVER’s online services directly with the cloud business and understanding of the service characteristics with the experience of operating them stably.

Currently, NAVER Cloud is a strategic partner of Cloud4C with its strength in various services leveraging hyperscale AI technology and various industry-specific SaaS solutions, as well as trust based on strong security features. On the other hand, Cloud4C will be the managed services partner for NAVER Cloud in Korea, Singaporeand ASEAN regions, including Thailand, Vietnamand Indonesia with simultaneous further expansion of the business model.

As part of the agreement in the MoU, it mainly includes the development of co-GTM models for these countries and also the establishment of other partnerships where NAVER Cloud will support Cloud4C by using its resources (presales, sales and engineers) over the services and Solutions from NAVER Cloud trains . Additionally, both organizations will work together to jointly develop sales incentives for regional markets and a Center of Excellence (CoE) for NAVER Cloud.

Cloud4C has already initiated a key project in Korea with NAVER Cloud involving SAP Korea supporting SAP ERP Managed Services. Cloud4C is a global SAP premium partner as well as a RISE WITH SAP partner and the world’s largest application-centric high-end MSP with AIOps-driven managed cloud operations. Cloud4C also has over 4,000 global enterprise customers, including 60 Fortune 500 companies in 26 countries and 52 regions. With this MOU, Cloud4C plans to leverage its global key customers for NAVER Cloud.

Sridhar PinnapureddyChairman of CtrlS & Cloud4C, stated, “With our recent cooperation in Korea, we have validated NAVER Cloud’s strong security capability in CSA with the acquisition of CSAP certifications and the Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Level 3 certification and its identified enormous potential for the global cloud market.” He further added: “Cloud4C has already achieved successful cases of regional partnerships worldwide, such as e.g China and India. Based on our expertise in building the business model together, Cloud4C will help NAVER Cloud to maximize its key strengths as a strategic MSP partner, potentially expanding to work with data centers and co-locations around the world.”

Weon-gi Park, CEO of NAVER Cloud, stated, “We are working hard to achieve our goal of becoming one of the top 3 CSPs in APAC while driving our global expansion plans. To keep the competitive advantage, it is crucial to invest and accumulate expertise and market know-how, and Cloud4C can meet our ASEAN goals. We truly believe that Cloud4C will bring immense value to this partnership with their unmatched expertise and experience in delivering successful transformational journeys.”

The MoU was signed Singaporethrough Sridhar Pinnapureddy and Weon-gi Park, in the presence of the leadership teams of NAVER Cloud and Cloud4C.


Founded in 1999, NAVER is Korea’s largest Internet company with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. As a global technology company, it operates Korea’s No.1 search engine NAVER, as well as other online services such as mobile messenger LINE, webtoon and webnovel publishing, video camera app SNOW and metaverse platform ZEPETO. NAVER recorded sales of 6.8 trillion KRW ($5.6 billion) in 2021 and tracks changes and innovations in technology platforms through continuous research and development of future technologies such as AI, robotics and mobility.

Via NAVER Cloud

NAVER Cloud operates a global IT infrastructure and provides business solution services to NAVER and its subsidiaries, while myriad companies and organizations in various industries are provided public cloud services through the NAVER Cloud platform. It also manages the data center of NAVER, GAK. After launching its public cloud services in 2017, NAVER Cloud aspires to be a leader in the globalization and mobilization of internet services and strives to meet and expand changing customer demands. NAVER Cloud will invest 80% of its annual turnover in technology development and human resources by 2023 to become one of the top 3 players in the industry Asia Pacific region, incl Japan.

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Cloud4C is a preferred Cloud Evolution partner for more than 4000 companies, including 60 of the Fortune 500 companies. Cloud4C has over 2000 certified professionals and a presence in 26 countries managing mission-critical workloads on public, private and hybrid cloud platforms. Cloud4C’s Cloud Security Framework includes 40+ security controls for enterprise SIEM, SOAR, MDR, EDR, Threat Intelligence, VAPT, PAM, DAM requirements, as well as country-specific and global compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA , PCI DSS and more.

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