Cloudflare Makes Hardware Security Keys Accessible For Millions Of Customers

Cloudflare democratizes tamper-proof security; Makes hardware security keys more accessible than ever to millions of customers because it’s good for the internet

Cloudflare has introduced a new service to make physical security keys the most economical and accessible way to protect your people and business.

As of September 29, hardware security keys are an additional layer of protection and an MFA method proven to be phishing-resistant.

Customers can purchase Yubico’s Security Keys, the most secure hardware security keys and the most resilient phishing-resistant Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), at an exclusive Internet Good price.

A Zero Trust security model means that by default, no one is trusted, whether they are inside or outside a corporate network. This means that anyone trying to gain access to resources on that organization’s network will need verification, including location, trusted devices, and passwords.

As a Cloudflare customer, you can now purchase Yubico’s security key series at a much lower price—starting at just $10—from your Cloudflare dashboard.

Larger companies using Cloudflare and purchasing a YubiEnterprise multi-year subscription to YubiKeys receive a 50% discount on their first year of a 3+ year subscription.

Through this partnership, organizations of all sizes can easily and conveniently purchase, activate, and verify security keys.

Cloudflare prevented a breach from an SMS phishing attack that targeted more than 130 businesses in July by using Cloudflare Zero Trust in combination with YubiKeys. While physical security keys help prevent attacks, they work in conjunction with DNS filtering, browser isolation, cloud email security, and other security measures to prevent attacks, an attacker would need to compromise every signal.

Dane Knecht, SVP, Emerging Technology and Incubation at Cloudflare says we’re always looking for ways to provide the highest possible security for our customers and the internet at large.

“As phishing attacks become more prevalent, we want to help democratize additional security measures to further improve Cloudflare’s zero-trust experience.”

“We’ve seen this firsthand and wanted to make it easy for any organization to use hardware security keys,” says Knecht

According to Knecht, working with Yubico is just another way Cloudflare is trying to make it as seamless as possible in order to provide our customers with the best Zero Trust security strategy.

“Being a Cloudflare Zero Trust customer provides an easy, fast, and affordable way to implement security keys across your organization, and it’s all part of our larger mission to help build a better internet,” he said

With the introduction of Yubico, Cloudflare ensures that physical security keys:

  • Economically: Adopting security keys can be difficult for organizations with smaller security teams or those just getting started with two-factor authentication.

    By offering security keys at the most affordable price, this deal makes keys a lesser financial burden for small businesses.

  • Easy to use: Setting up security keys is easy for participating Cloudflare customers. For admins, Cloudflare Zero Trust makes it easy to use your security keys with any Identity Provider (IdP), integrating both the keys and the IdP into a comprehensive Zero Trust solution.

    For employees, a simple guided prompt makes touching a security key for authentication seamless. Security keys work on all devices, operating systems and areas within an organization.

  • Accessible: Now Cloudflare customers can order Security Key Series supporting FIDO-based authentication directly from their dashboard.

    Available through YubiEnterprise subscription, the YubiKey 5 Series supports multiple authentication protocols, from legacy applications to modern FIDO-based apps and services. Exclusive Internet Good pricing helps introduce Cloudflare customers to the value and functionality of hardware keys.

According to Stina Ehrenvard, CEO and co-founder of Yubico, Yubico pioneered the modern security key, the YubiKey, and continues to set the industry standard by protecting enterprise customers and consumers from security threats.

“Today’s attacks require modern MFA. Working with Cloudflare will help put more security keys and YubiKeys in the hands of their customers to deliver the combination of phishing-resistant MFA and security,” says Ehrenvard

The promotion is available to Cloudflare customers through December 31, 2022.

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