CoCo social media analytics: CoCo expanded its operations on the European market by entering Deutsch-speaking countries.

Vienna, October 19, 2022 - CoCo has started activities in the German-speaking region to expand its European market.

CoCo Social Media Analytics: CoCo expanded its activities in the European market by entering German-speaking countries

Vienna, October 19, 2022 – CoCo has started activities in the German-speaking region to expand its European market.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, Oct. 27, 2022 / — Vienna, Oct. 19, 2022 – CoCo launched operations in German-speaking countries to expand its European market.

In social media data analysis, offering up-to-date and cost-effective services helps people make a data-aware decision. Due to the increasing importance of data and analyzing it to uncover hidden opportunities in the media, CoCo plans to offer its services in this area more cost-effectively worldwide.

Since its founding in Vienna, the company has expanded its work to several German-speaking Central European countries, including Germany. In addition, CoCo plans to add more social media to its dashboard, launch new social media monitoring services and expand its operations to other European countries.
The challenge of using social media and solutions:
The use of social media has become a central part of the marketing strategy for almost every company. To build a reputation and attract more customers, brands need to leverage social media platforms, whether it’s B2B, B2C, or C2C. It’s hard to imagine a marketing campaign, even offline, without sparking engagement on social media.
When using social media as the mainstay of digital marketing strategies, the biggest challenge is the amount of tedious, repetitive tasks that often hamper the creation of creative social media campaigns. Choosing social media analysis and management tools that tire social media campaigns allows people to focus on the creative aspects of social media marketing.
Social media marketing generates tons of data — some necessary to make insightful decisions and some useless vanity metrics.
How do you find the data you need when you have a deluge of information and tasks to manage?
Your answer is social media analysis!

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About Coco:
CoCo performed the secondary analysis on Instagram by providing insights into the visualization charts.
The uses of CoCo are numerous:
Get actionable insights into the performance of social media content and campaigns. Find out what customers are up to, spot trends and connect with customers. In addition, CoCo offers advertising analytics services, including finding influencer features that prevent wasted media investment.

CoCo vision:
Data-driven strategies improved productivity by 5% and increased profit by 6%. Despite the obvious benefits of data analysis, many companies have no idea how to collect and use it.
Data collected by social media analytics tools should be easy to understand by teams across the organization. A device that is intuitive and easy to use should make communicating our insights simple and straightforward. Therefore, being in the right place with the collected information based on the most factual data helps us to set an optimal strategy and even implement that strategy correctly to reach our target audience.

Therefore, the company will continue to focus on three main perspectives in the future:

– Simplify the way for everything people or businesses want to do on social media and everything they don’t know how to do.
– Prevention of wasting advertising costs.
– To provide high-quality, cost-effective services worldwide.

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