CofC Social Media Ambassadors Shine a Light on College Life

From living in the classroom to hanging out with friends, the College of Charleston’s new Social Media Ambassador program empowers students to share their CofC experiences through fun, creative content.

A total of 10 students who are passionate about keeping up with social media trends and the latest happenings in Charleston and campus life were selected to create content on the College of Charleston’s major social media accounts, including Instagram and Tik Tok. The program allows students to showcase their daily life and experiences at college, including dining in the dining halls, participating in experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom, attending campus events such as track and field games, and more!

“I’m looking forward to passing on my experiences in the different departments around the campus, be it in athletics, the department of theater and dance or the department of communication,” she says Kylee Poolean Honors College student majoring in dance and communication and one of the college’s first-ever social media ambassadors.

“College is different for everyone, so it offers both current and prospective students the opportunity to see the College of Charleston through the eyes of their peers and hopefully learn something new about campus, clubs or classes as students share their unique experiences says social media manager Marissa Bamonte ’18 (’19 MA). “Student content is well received because it is authentic, relatable and helps connect CofC students across campus and beyond.”

Meet the 10 CofC Social Media Ambassadors:

Jenna Cagle

Jenna Cagle

Surname: Jenna Cagle, born in 2026

Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Main: Biochemistry with a focus on dentistry and a minor in health management and medical service management

Clubs/Organizations: Honors College, Outdoor Adventures Club, Young Life and Charleston BCM

Why CofC: “I chose CofC for its close-knit community, proximity to the beach, location across from MUSC and just because I want to live in a different environment than home. I look forward to making so many memories with my new friends in this vibrant city!”

Syd Scott

Syd Scott

Surname: Sydney Scott, born in 2023

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Main: Exercise science and a double minor in psychology and coaching

Clubs/Organizations: Currently engaged in photography in the Charleston area and around the country

Why CofC: “I chose the College of Charleston because of the beautiful area, amazing people, and great academic atmosphere.”

Kylee Poole

Kylee Poole

Surname: Kylee Poole, Class of 2025

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

Main: Dance and Communication as a double subject with a minor in Theater

Clubs/Organizations: Cougarettes Dance Team, Honors College and Dance Alliance Club

Why CofC: “I chose CofC because Charleston offers year-round immersion in nature, as well as endless artistic opportunities to engage.”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I want to give something back to my community. Charleston has something for everyone!”

Charlotte Ottiano

Charlotte Ottiano

Surname: Charlotte Ottaiano, born in 2026

Hometown: Morristown, New Jersey

Main: Studio Arts with a major in Photography and a minor in Communication

Clubs/Organizations: Cistern Media, Young Life, Film Club, Cheese Club and Planned Parenthood

Why CofC: “I have found a welcoming home here at CofC and want to be a part of the wonderful opportunities that are available here.”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I believe I can develop great marketing and communication skills that will increase my level of experience.”

Aziya Cureton

Aziya Cureton

Surname: Aziya Cureton, Class of 2024

Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Main: Business Administration

Clubs/Organizations: Works at Einstein Bagels

Why CofC: “I love the atmosphere here and downtown Charleston.”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I look forward to meeting new people through this program and reporting on social media throughout the basketball season.”

Lina Wunderlich

Lina Wunderlich

Surname: Lina Wunderlich, born in 2026

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Main: Psychology on a Pre-Med Track

Clubs/Organizations: Greek life, wonders of Charleston, best friends and wives in STEM

Why CofC: “I love the atmosphere and everyone here has been so nice with the college adjustment. I also came here because I want to pursue a career in medicine and there are great opportunities at MUSC.”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I love being involved in as many organizations as possible. I am excited about the Social Media Ambassador program because I love creating social media content, especially for students interested in coming to CofC.”

Casey Riley

Casey Riley

Surname: Casey Riley, class of 2026

Hometown: Medford, New Jersey

Main: training science

Clubs/Organizations: Charleston 40, CofC OPTA, NJAC and Peer Educator in the FYE program

Why CofC: “The College of Charleston has caught her eye since she was a child vacationing and visiting family in the area. My father is a CofC graduate and helped me fall in love with the city and the school.”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I started getting interested in videography and photography in middle school and developed a passion for it as I got older. I look forward to representing CofC as an ambassador and continuing to share my work in hopes of having my own videography/photography side business.”

Emma Willingham

Emma Willingham

Surname: Emma Willingham, born in 2026

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Main: International Business

Clubs/Organizations: Greek Life, Cheese Club and Honors College

Why CofC: “I chose CofC because of the business program, the study abroad opportunities, the ease, and of course because I love Charleston.”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I look forward to meeting new people and trying new things in the social media world for the ambassador program.”

Sophie Maraganore

Sophie Maraganore

Surname: Sofie Maraganore, born in 2026

Hometown: Boston, Mass

Main: Indecisive but majoring in Marketing with a minor in Studio Art

Clubs/Organizations: Social Media Ambassador Program

Why CofC: “I chose the College of Charleston for its location and school atmosphere. I loved how helpful and friendly everyone was when I was touring here!”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I applied to the CofC Social Media Ambassador program because my dream is to manage a fashion brand’s social media accounts and I would love to create content for CofC. I am so excited to see what experiences the College of Charleston and this program will bring me!”

Emily Coker

Emily Coker

Surname: Emily Coker, class of 2025

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Main: Studio art with a minor in environmental sciences

Clubs/Organizations: CofC Empower and HerCampus

Why CofC: “I chose CofC because my mother is an alumna and loved her experience here.”

Why Become a Social Media Ambassador: “I’m very excited about what the future holds for the new Ambassador program and how I can use my photography skills across campus.”