Connect For Education, Inc. Announces the ‘Online Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer’ Initiative

HERNDON, Va., October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Connect for Education, Inc. (C4E), a leading provider of online learning technologies, is proud to announce its partnership with American River College, Sacramento, CA (ARC), which offers students a curriculum to earn an Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer Degree (AA-T) that transfers to any state university and admits them as a junior. This new partnership offers students the opportunity to complete some or all of their courses through C4E’s digital platforms. The courses cover four semesters of music theory and musicology (I-IV), applied music (including individual mentoring sessions) and performance ensembles. By completing this set of 21-24 music units plus 36-39 additional general elective units, students earn a total of 60 credit hours, which are automatically transferred to their new state institution.

DR Carlo Maldonado, Chief Learning Architect and co-founder of C4E, said the program is unique in that it offers students unprecedented flexibility in choosing their courses. This platform is the ultimate realization of more than 20 years of instructional design and development experience. The music theory and ear training courses have been carefully designed to provide music students with a solid foundation. The Applied Music degree programs comprise four semesters of specialized curricula for a variety of instruments and voice. Students can self-record for peer review while still taking lessons from a well-qualified, experienced teacher. It even includes a jury component where performance is evaluated by a jury at the end of the semester. The Ensemble course offers instrumentalists and singers collaboration opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them, all at a low cost per student with equal access for all.”

The initial phases of the program are currently being piloted at ARC this fall semester, and advanced courses will be added in subsequent semesters. While the initial courses were tailored to ARC’s specifications, they are adaptable to each community college’s specific curriculum and can be implemented immediately. C4E will expand the program to community colleges in California as well as other states. The program expansion will provide students with the opportunity to attend four-year institutions in a cost-effective manner with blended learning while acquiring the fundamentals of music through C4E’s transformative platforms.

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