Contract awarded to Zubr Curio for digital tapestries

Published by High Life Highland

On behalf of the Highland Council, High Life Highland is pleased to announce that a leading augmented and virtual reality studio, Zubr Curio, specializing in digital interpretation for museums, galleries, libraries and heritage sites, has been awarded a contract to create additional digital content has received elements for the Highlands and Isles Tapestry.

Zubr Curio will develop innovative interactive technology to enhance the physical artwork and stories in the embroidered panels already being developed as part of the Tapestry of the Highlands and Islands project. The panels will come to life for new audiences, offering a unique experience that allows interaction with the artwork itself using animation, interactive filters, videos and interview pieces.

High Life Highland is currently working with Zubr Curio to plan a trip around the region, recording volunteer interviews and pieces of scenery to enhance the digital interpretation of the tapestry.

Cllr Ian Brown, Head of Inverness City and Area and Co-Chair of the Inverness Castle Delivery Group, said: “It is fascinating to see the scope of work that companies like Zubr Curio can develop in the arts, culture and heritage sectors. This unique digital interpretation will allow us to convey cultural heritage on an intergenerational level, with the bonus of being able to explore select aspects of the Highlands and Isles tapestry from anywhere. I can’t wait to see more!”

Amy Stewart, Project Manager, Zubr Virtual Reality Ltd said: “This is an exciting partnership that brings together the rich stories of the Highlands and Islands, the expertise of the sewing groups and tapestry team, with Zubr Curio’s whimsical and playful approach to AR.

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We firmly believe that digital interpretation should literally complement physical exhibitions rather than distract or replace them, so this project presents a wonderful challenge. Our goal is to create imaginative moments that lead to an immersive and accessible digital experience to lead.”

Simone Einfalt, Visual Content Producer, Zubr Virtual Reality Ltd said:
“During our trip to the Highlands in April we will explore their vibrant communities; Highlighting the stunning diversity in the region, we will create a series of mini films to explore individual anecdotes, cultural history and the landscape in relation to its architecture. This will form part of Zubr Curio’s rich digital interpretation to contribute to the continued success of the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project.”

Finished tapestries will be on display at the newly remodeled Inverness Castle when it opens in 2025 and in public places in the Highlands and Islands.

The tapestry is being created as part of the Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project, a partnership project between The Highland Council and High Life Highland, delivered in association with VisitScotland.

The Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project will encourage visitors to explore and experience all parts of the Highlands and Islands and inspire them to attend and support festivals and events, visitor attractions and outdoor locations throughout the region.

The Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project is supported by a grant from the Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund (NCF), managed by NatureScot and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Spirit of the Highlands and Islands project is part of the Inverness Castle project. The castle, which opens in 2025, will benefit from a £30m investment from the Scottish and UK Governments, Highland Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and a range of other partners to support its redevelopment.

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The Inverness Castle project is part of the Inverness and Highland City-Region Deal, a joint initiative funded by investments of up to £315m from the UK and Scottish Governments, Highland Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the University of the Highlands and Islands aimed at stimulating sustainable regional economic growth.

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