Core Scientific Announces October Updates

Austin, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Core Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ:CORZ) (“Core Scientific” or “the Company”), a leading provider of high-performance blockchain computing data centers and software solutions, today announced production and operational updates for October 2022.

data center

At the end of the month, the company was running approximately 243,000 ASIC servers for both colocation and self-mining, totaling 24.4 EH/s. The company’s data centers in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and North Dakota remain at full capacity. The company has completed 287 MW of its data center in Texas.


Core Scientific’s self-mining operation produced 1,295 bitcoins in October. As of the end of October, the company operates about 143,000 self-mining servers, which make up about 59% of the company’s total fleet and represent a self-mining hashrate of 14.4 EH/s.

colocation services

In addition to its self-mining fleet, Core Scientific provided data center colocation services, technology and operational support for approximately 100,000 customer-owned ASIC servers as of October 31, 2022. At the end of October, colocation services accounted for about 41% of the company’s total fleet.

Bitcoin sales and liquidity

In October, the company sold 2,285 bitcoins at an average price of $19,639 per bitcoin for total proceeds of approximately $44.8 million. As of October 31, 2022, the company held 62 bitcoins and approximately $32 million in cash.

network support

In October, the company shut down its operations in Texas and other data centers multiple times. The curtailments in October totaled 5,125 megawatt hours. Core Scientific works with the communities and utilities where it operates to improve power grid stability.


Core Scientific is one of the largest publicly traded blockchain computing data center providers and digital asset miners in North America. Core Scientific has operated blockchain computing data centers in North America since 2017, leveraging its facilities and intellectual property portfolio for colocated digital asset mining and self-mining. Core Scientific operates data centers in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, North Dakota and Texas and expects to begin operations in Oklahoma in the next few quarters. Core Scientific’s proprietary Minder® fleet management software combines the company’s colocation expertise with data analytics to ensure maximum uptime, alerting, monitoring and management of all miners on the company’s network. To learn more, visit


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