Course5 Intelligence integrates OpenAI’s GPT models into their enterprise analytics platforms

The integration will help leverage enterprise data and drive adoption of insights across the company’s solution platforms, Course5 Discovery and Course5 Compete

MUMBAI, India, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Analytics and AI solutions company Course5 Intelligence today announced the integration of Microsoft-powered OpenAI Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) models with its AI-based augmented analytics -Platform Course5 known Discovery and Competitive & Market Intelligence platform, Course5 Compete.

Course5 Discovery is an AI-powered augmented analytics platform that includes the best of traditional machine learning and deep learning algorithms to power anomaly detection, causal inference, early warning, and natural language insight generation for a simple to enable interpretation and action. By integrating the latest advances from OpenAI’s GPT models, Course5 Discovery has further enhanced its existing context-sensitive dialog management and cognitive semantic search capabilities. This allows users to interact with structured and tabular data and access insights as well as in natural language to quickly consume and make decisions.

Course5 Compete is a Competitive & Market Intelligence platform that empowers businesses with data-driven insights into marketplaces, competition, and brand & product performance based on the 5 Ps of marketing – Product, Price, Promotion, Place & People. The platform generates relevant, contextual insights and delivers them in a user-friendly way using machine learning and other AI models and cognitive skills. OpenAI’s GPT models will further enhance product customization and actionable recommendations on the platform while making the insights more accessible through conversational modes and in language tailored to user personalities. This integration of GPT with Course5 Compete is expected to increase consumption and impact across all business teams.

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In addition to enhancing the current generative capabilities of the Compete and Discovery platforms, OpenAI’s GPT models will also be available to extend Course5’s broader range of solution offerings, including Sentiment Analysis, Text Summarization, Topic Modeling, Document Classification, Question Answering, Conversational -Engines and information extraction, translation and generation of insights.

Ashwin Mittal, Chairman and CEO of Course5 Intelligence, said: “With the development of advanced analytics and mature AI-powered insights systems, there has been a strong focus in recent years on increasing the adoption of analytics in enterprises. GPT integration will accelerate this adoption and help organizations improve their return on data and analytics investments. A major benefit of these large language models is that they are highly scalable, provide the flexibility to fine-tune, and offer best-in-class performance. OpenAI’s GPT models also include the security and reliability of Azure’s cloud and computing infrastructure. We hope more companies will start leveraging these robust enterprise AI language models to identify new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the end-user experience.”

Course5 Intelligence is a Microsoft Data and AI (Azure) solution partner with a proven ability to help clients manage their data across multiple systems to create analytics and AI solutions. Leveraging Course5’s Microsoft Azure partnership and OpenAI’s GPT-based solution offerings, Course5’s clients can innovate with the latest AI technologies and accelerate the pace of their digital transformation.

About Course5 Intelligence Limited

Course5 Intelligence Limited (“Course5”) is focused on helping organizations drive digital transformation using Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), advanced analytics and insights. Course5’s AI-driven products and solutions, as well as IP-led solutions, are backed by industry-specific domain experience and the latest technologies, and aim to enable companies to quickly and comprehensively solve complex problems related to their customers, markets and supply chains to solve. Course5 combines a multidisciplinary approach to data integration across structured and unstructured data sources to help businesses grow through informed decisions.

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Course5 caters to some of the world’s largest companies, including many Fortune 500 companies. The Company’s customers span Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT), Pharma & Life Sciences, CPG, Retail and other sectors. Course5 Intelligence has been recognized by leading industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester for its analytical and AI capabilities and proprietary AI-based platforms.

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