CPD advances students’ skills and aspirations in college and at work

The world of education and business is evolving. Educators must keep pace if young people are to find rewarding careers so employers can recruit the talent needed to increase performance and improve competitiveness. It is this ‘skills advantage’ that will help the future economy thrive and attract foreign investment so the UK can better compete globally. WorldSkills UK, as part of the international WorldSkills movement, works in over 80 countries to improve standards worldwide and nurture a future workforce that serves young people, employers and communities and improves social and financial mobility around the world.

WorldSkills UK has developed a series of CPD sessions entitled ‘Developing Excellence in Teaching and Training’, developed in collaboration with the ETF, applicable across a wide range of curriculum disciplines, based on our experience at the forefront of professional development . Taking place on 1st and 2nd February, this event draws on WorldSkills UK’s learnings from international competitions, sharing good practice and setting curriculum standards.

Using knowledge from national and international experts on a wide range of skills and streamed via an interactive online platform, the sessions will support you and your colleagues to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills and those of your students and trainees.

By attending, you’ll help guide your learners from competency to excellence, learn about the latest advances in learning technology, and explore how learners from underrepresented groups can be supported.

I want to do more CPD, but how can I fit it into my busy schedule?

You can choose just one session or as many as you like. If you sign up for at least two during the live stream, you’ll receive a digital credential to share with your networks and integrate into your portfolio. All content can be downloaded after the event, so you can revisit the link or share it with colleagues.

What is available?

February 1st

Combating under-representation in technical and vocational education:

Gain a better understanding of how to overcome social constructs that create barriers to inclusion.

Engage learners through participation:

Regarding specific technological solutions, appreciate how to engage learners in a range of scenarios typical of technical education.

Augmenting Learning with Artificial Intelligence:

Understand how to promote and support greater accessibility and inclusion in professional learning, with reference to specific technological solutions.

Improving learning through real simulators and virtual reality:

Understand the learning and business value of developing simulator training solutions.

February 2nd

Practical uses for achieving excellence with learners:

Understand the WorldSkills UK seven-step pedagogical cycle and related activities for use in a classroom or workshop setting.

Using world-class standards to enrich curriculum planning and improve learner achievement:

Understand what WorldSkills professional standards are and what their purpose is.

Competitive activity as a method to increase learning objectives and outcomes:

Experience the benefits of participating in competency competitions for individual learners, institutions and companies.

Coaching techniques to support learners in developing effective behaviors and attitudes:

Explore coaching methods to help learners achieve peak performance.

Effectively delivering curriculum to support industry and Net Zero compliance:

Gain insights into international best practices to reduce waste and increase sustainability across all professional skill areas.

How do I book my free place?

Simply register with our quick-to-fill form and you’re good to go.

Do I get accreditation for participation?

WorldSkills UK will award a digital credential to those who attend two or more sessions, but we’re sure you’ll want to stay longer.

This verified digital credential demonstrates your commitment to professional development and embedding world-class practice in your teaching, and can be shared across your professional networks such as LinkedIn, bios, and resumes.

Who is behind the program?

To create the programme, WorldSkills UK has partnered with the Education & Training Foundation (ETF), the workforce development organization for the education and training sector. The ETF works in partnership with others to provide teachers, trainers and managers with professional learning and development to improve education and training for learners aged 14 and over. The Society for Education and Training (SET) is the ETF’s membership organization dedicated to professionals working in the fields of further education, vocational teaching and training.

We also thank our session partners, the Skills and Education Group, Autodesk and Electude.

What other ways are there to improve my teaching practice?

Competition-based training programs: Each year over 3,500 students and apprentices across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland hone their technical skills in our competition-based programmes, as well as the personal skills employers look for when hiring young people, such as: B. Communication, planning, teamwork, independence and resilience. 97% of those who attended our National Finals say attending improved their technical skills and 93% felt their confidence increased. We can help you embed competitions into your lessons to encourage your students to take more responsibility for their own development and be more ambitious in developing their skills. Applications for the 2023 competition will be accepted from February 27 to March 24, 2023 and entry is free.

Those competitors who make it to the national finals have a chance to win medals as a validation of their skill. They also have the opportunity to be selected for Squad UK, from which Team UK will be drawn to compete on the global stage. At the WorldSkills Special Editions in 2022, the UK achieved gold medals in aircraft maintenance and carpentry, and bronze in industry 4.0, jewelery making and car painting. Half of the UK team also received medals for excellence, indicating they had achieved the international WorldSkills standards for excellence. The UK finished in the top ten overall, two places ahead of the last international competition in Kazan, Russia and ahead of countries like Spain, Singapore, Australia and Canada.

Whilst winning medals is important to participants and their colleges and employers, the benefits of the training program to them and other members of Squad and Team UK cannot be overstated as they return to the workforce with improved technical and employment skills and Become valuable role models to their peers by passing on the skills learned so that the benefits of the training are passed on through the workforce.

learning lab: The WorldSkills UK Learning Lab is a new online space and resource hub offering free access to world-class skills development tools and resources for all.

Drawing on WorldSkills UK’s insights into international best practice, the content supports educators to enhance both their professional development and teaching skills, equipping them to enhance student learning and develop world-class skills.

The easy-to-navigate Learning Lab offers a wide range of teaching tools and resources, from professional training advice to mindset masterclasses, based on best-in-class practices from the world of elite athletic training and development. New resources are constantly being added over time.

Career Guidance Toolkit

Mapped to the Careers Development Institute, Skills Builder and Gatsby Benchmark Frameworks, the Careers Advice Toolkit empowers young people to explore excellence in technical and apprenticeship careers. With inspirational, bite-sized content, the toolkit can be used flexibly to support independent online learning as well as any career curriculum delivered in the classroom or virtually.

Spotlight Conversations

Designed to fit within the lesson plan, the Spotlight Talks video series brings together leading companies and services to showcase young professionals who share their own career paths and what it takes to succeed in their industries. The next Spotlight Talks will take place in spring 2023 and we encourage viewers to ask questions directly to the moderators. All Spotlight Talks are then available for download so that your students and trainees do not miss these inspiring and informative sessions. View available downloads here.

Future programs

We are committed to continuing to offer educators quality, free-access CPD opportunities. If you would like to be kept up to date with new live and digital opportunities that fit your schedule, email us at: [email protected]