CPIC Life (HK) establishes “CPIC Elite Club” to build core competitiveness of “CPIC Services”.

HONG KONG, January 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — It was the first anniversary of China Pacific Life Insurance (HK) Company with limited liability (The “Pursue“;”CPIC Life (HK)“), a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (The “group“;601601.SH; 02601.HK; CPIC.LSE) lately. On this occasion, CPIC Life (HK) has officially launched the “CPIC Elite Club”, opening a brand new window to increase customer satisfaction and effectively expand the brand awareness of “CPIC Services”.

To further improve customer service and to comprehensively optimize the service experience

In recent years, CPIC has built an ecosystem of insurance services by gradually improving its basic and value-added service experience based on its customers’ diverse needs for products and services. The launch of the CPIC Elite Club by CPIC Life (HK) is a vivid reflection of the company’s achievements in the Responsible, Smart and Caring CPIC Services.

Established and administered by CPIC Life (HK), “CPIC Elite Club” is a membership-based club that offers “CPIC Elite Club” members a wide range of services based on the integration of CPIC’s resources to provide clients to help succeed more sophisticated health care, wealth management and retirement planning.

It is understood that individual insurance applicants may apply for membership of the “CPIC Elite Club” when purchasing insurance policies under a CPIC Life (HK) insurance product or applying for membership after already holding a valid policy. Membership is based on a points system. For each $1 of the “Total Premium Payable” (annual premium payment * years of payment), a member may earn 1 “CPIC Elite Club” point if the CPIC Life (HK) insurance product under which that member is purchasing an insurance policy is a product that is eligible to collect points. Based on the number of points accumulated, the members of the “CPIC Elite Club” enjoy corresponding benefits, the designated members can also apply for the occupancy qualifications of “Pacific Care Homes” through the program “Pacific Care Home Hong Kong Residents Sharing” and enjoy quality retirement and healthcare services.Pacific Care Homes is invested and operated by CPIC Senior Living Investment with the goal of providing superior retirement and senior care communities and supportive services.

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The launch of the “CPIC Elite Club” will further improve CPIC Life (HK)’s service offering and strengthen the connection with its customers, provide users with a better insurance experience and strengthen the competitiveness of the company’s brand.

Actively pursue the five strategies to advance the quality development of the group

As an important step in CPIC’s overseas expansion, the formation of CPIC Life (HK) has laid a solid foundation for CPIC to realize its internationalization and participate in the building of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and for promoting their own quality development.

In its first year since its inception, guided by the five strategies – Greater Bay Area Strategy, Localization Strategy, Internationalization Strategy, Big Health and Big Retirement Strategy, and Innovation and Technology Empowering Strategy, CPIC Life ( HK) provides customers with a full range of quality products and services, and strives to become the best life insurance company in Hong Kong in terms of customer experience.

In terms of regional development, CPIC continues to promote its strategic engagement in the Greater Bay Area, collaborating with resources from both the mainland and China Hong Kong to innovate and improve its products and services and to build a diversified service system for health care, pensions and wealth management. For example, CPIC has established a main building in the Greater Bay Area Canton and a technology innovation center in Shenzhenanticipating that the Group’s customers may enjoy such resources and innovative services in several cities in the Greater Bay Area.

Looking ahead, with the accelerated development of the integration of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, there will be ample market demand for ancillary insurance products and services. CPIC will continue to implement the Greater Bay Area strategy with the vision to become the “leader in healthy and steady development of the insurance industry, to be the best in terms of customer experience, business quality and risk control capabilities” together with CPIC Life (HK), take advantage of the opportunities offered by the construction of the Greater Bay Area to help the group move ever further along the path of quality transformation and development.

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About China Pacific Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company with limited liability

China Pacific Life Insurance (HK) Company Limited (“CPIC Life (HK)”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Pacific Life Insurance Company Limited (“CPIC Life”), which is a subsidiary of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. , GmbH. (“CPIC”). CPIC is one of the top three life insurance companies in China (in relation to the total gross premium in 2021). CPIC Life Hong Kong is authorized by the Hong Kong Insurance Regulatory Authority to conduct long-term insurance business Hong Kong on 18.11, 2021. It is committed to providing customers with comprehensive life insurance and wealth management products to meet the needs of customers at different stages of life. It aims to become one of Hong Kong Life insurance companies with the best customer experience.

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