Crucial DDR5 meets evolving computing needs

Next-generation performance for evolving computing needs.

Crucial DDR5 memory has the blazing speed and massive bandwidth needed for the next generation of multi-core CPUs. This innovative technology empowers your system to multitask better, load faster, analyze, edit and render faster, game at higher frame rates, uncover data insights faster, increase productivity to save time and money, delays at heavy workloads to significantly reduce and optimize energy efficiency the previous generation. Available in speeds up to 5600 MT/s and densities up to 32GB, Crucial DDR5 memory enables your computer to perform at levels previously only possible with extreme performance memory.

Crucial DDR5 memory enables next-generation business desktops and laptops to improve productivity and multitasking. Faster load times, file transfers, downloads, and refresh rates result in higher employee productivity. With almost double the bandwidth of DDR4, made possible by faster speeds, longer burst lengths, and improved refresh schemes, DDR5 outperforms DDR4 not only in testing, but also in real-world conditions.

Speed ​​(MT/s)

NEW – 4800, 5200 & 5600



form factor



4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Kits up to 64gb




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Why microns?

As Micron’s vertically integrated consumer brand, Crucial is trusted by millions for reliability, performance, and compatibility. Unlike module assemblers, our unique relationship with Micron involves a deeper level of technical collaboration to squeeze every ounce of performance out of our products without sacrificing reliability. With Micron’s 43+ years of manufacturing expertise and Crucial’s 25+ years of consumer product design expertise, Crucial Memory is backed by our limited lifetime warranty and delivers the tough performance you can trust. When it comes to storage, don’t settle for less.

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Business Benefits

Upgrade DRAM in desktops and laptops.

Crucial Memory Upgrade is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve performance for any member of a productive workforce. Users will enjoy faster startups, faster load times, and improved system responsiveness without the expense of a new computer.

Will Crucial DDR5 desktop memory support Intel XMP 3.0 or AMD EXPOTM?

Intel XMP 3.0 and EXPO support is provided for Crucial DDR5 desktop memory to allow users to easily restore rated JEDEC performance to any CPUs that suppress memory speed. This performance recovery is not guaranteed on all DDR5 systems as it is highly dependent on CPU and motherboard levels as well as BIOS stability.

Extreme performance right out of the box

Crucial DDR5 memory can transfer data up to 1.75X faster and offers up to 2X more bandwidth than DDR4, resulting in faster load times, file transfers, downloads, lag times, and improved refresh rates. Performance is improved not only in testing but also in real conditions.

No latency penalties with DDR5

Crucial DDR5 system latency, measured in nanoseconds, is only up to 3% longer than DDR4 during testing, meaning real-world latency performances are virtually the same. Because Crucial DDR5 delivers up to 2x more bandwidth, DDR4 is still surpassed.

product features


DDR51.5x faster speeds 1.87x more bandwidth

o Faster load times, file transfers and downloads

o More responsive multitasking

o Run demanding software


1.63x faster speeds 1.97x more bandwidth

o Better multitasking, gaining data insights faster

o Increase productivity, save time and money

o Game at higher framerates

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1.75x faster speeds 2x more bandwidth

o Better multitasking, gaining data insights faster

o Increase productivity, save time and money

o Game at higher framerates

general characteristics

[UDIMM] Crucial is the only brand that supports both Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO

o For full performance and flexibility in an Intel or AMD build

o Rigorous pre-market testing and validation with CPU and motherboard vendors

Legendary Compatibility. insured.

o Use Crucial compatibility tools to find the correct DDR5 memory

o Buying Crucial gives you Micron’s 43+ years of memory expertise

o Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty

o Crucial has more than 875,000 5-star reviews and counting