Cuba’s foreign minister confirms that an underwater cable from the US would be beneficial to both countries

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez confirmed this Thursday that the realization of a submarine cable between Florida (USA) and the island would be a positive step and would expand Internet access for Cubans.

Through his Twitter account, the Secretary of State also noted that by denying an underwater connection, the Washington government is contradicting its stated position on supporting access to Internet services in the Caribbean country.

Rodríguez Parrilla’s statements come after the US Department of Justice recommended the Federal Communications Commission on November 30 to withhold a permit for the installation of a first submarine cable that would connect US territory to the island.

Shortly after that Cuban Telecommunications Company SA announced that it has signed a contract with French telecommunications company Orange SA to lay an underwater fiber optic cable that will connect the island of Martinique and Cienfuegos.

The signing of the agreement a week later marked the beginning of the technological operation for which the cable ship was intended Pierre de Fermat was already on the island, which according to the available information had arrived in Cienfuegos from Fort de France, Martinique.

The cable is 2,500 kilometers long and should be available next year. The project is named Arimao, after the river that flows from the Sierra del Escambray to the Bay of Cienfuegos.

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Cuba has an undersea cable installed by ALBA-1 in late 2012. It connects La Guaira on the Venezuelan north coast with Siboney in Santiago de Cuba.

Until ALBA-1 was operational in 2012, Cuba had only one satellite link, which was more expensive and less efficient for the country’s connectivity needs.

Work begins to install an underwater cable connecting Cuba and Martinique

Last May, the US State Department announced limited measures against Cuba, reversing some of the 240 regulations enacted by former President Donald Trump. according to to the Agencia Cubana de Noticias (ACN) news agency.

The current government said it would encourage the growth of Cuba’s private sector by supporting better access to internet services, applications and e-commerce platforms from the United States, this source pointed out, but little has been done.

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