Customers are stealing GTB Bank over their new mobile app update

Guaranty Trust Bank has apologized to its customers after encountering difficulties using their new app. This comes after GTBank users took to social media to take the bank apart over their buggy GTWorld app.

GTBank said the difficulties encountered were due to technical glitches, but assured users that their technical team is working tirelessly to rectify the situation and restore the app’s full functionality.

“First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize for not being able to smoothly deliver the new GTWorld app to you as announced. We are aware that due to the recent GTWorld Mobile Banking App update that we initiated, you were unable to log into the app,” the message reads.

Customers attack GTBank for buggy app

Due to the latest update, customers are currently experiencing difficulties transacting through the Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) app GTWorld.

Technext reported that GTBank has announced July 12, 2023 as the release date for the new and updated version of the GTWorld mobile banking app on the Play Store and App Store.

In its statement, the bank mentioned plans to retire the legacy GTWorld app in a month, just three months after the GT Bank app was retired, due to user complaints about flaws and issues that resulted in unsuccessful transfers or withdrawals.

GTBank stated, “On July 12th (Wednesday) we will be releasing the new and updated version of the GTWorld Mobile Banking App on the Play Store and App Store… Please note that we will end support for the current version of the GTWorld App on.” 12. August.”

However, if your mobile device is not set to update the app automatically, you will need to manually update your GTWorld mobile app to use the redesigned app.

“When you launch the GTWorld Mobile Banking app, you will see a redesigned user interface if you have app updates set to automatic.”

The first discontinuation came in May, when the bank announced that as of May 1, 2023, customers will no longer be able to access its online services through the GTBank mobile app. This has been followed by customer complaints about the app’s performance across all social media channels over the past few months. Complaints range from the inability to log in to the disappearance of transaction history.

After the update, however, numerous customers were excluded from the app and could no longer log in, as Technext reports.

GTBank customers expressed their disappointment and anger at not being able to use their banking app to transact and having trouble logging in. Many were surprised that the updated app wasn’t readily available, while the bank had already announced the discontinuation of services, according to several customer replies.

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One customer, Mike, complained that he couldn’t log into the bank app because he hadn’t received a 6-digit OTP (One-Time Password) from the bank.

He said: “If you know you can’t do the right thing, why bother bothering us to update our GTworld app only to come across a brickwall trying to log in unsuccessfully and not a 6 digit one sends OTP to our registered phone numbers?” our account? This is complete nonsense!

Another customer, Ahmadu Galadima (@AhmaduGaladima), tweeted: “@gtbank don’t know what happened to you but why on earth are you forcing an app update and not allowing me to log in with old credentials?” Can’t I reset a password, use a secret question, provide the actual account number or the last 6 digits of the card? Why just ask for a phone number with an OTP that takes a long time to arrive?”

Chiamaka expressed her frustration, saying, “I don’t know who sent me to update the GTWorld app @gtbank. Suddenly I can’t access my account and my money anymore. Since last night I have to send myself a code to restart the app. What’s next? @gtbank, please help me quickly!”

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The bank has apologized to some customers via email, stating: “We are aware that you recently updated your GTWorld app and were unable to log in after the update… We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you in created within the last 18 to 24 years.’ Hours’ in response to a customer’s complaint.