Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey video sparks hilarious memes

It has been just a day since the American psychological horror thriller Swarm garnered a huge audience following the release of its first episode on Friday 17th March 2023. It was created by Donald Grover and Janine Nabers. Well, the series has also garnered widespread attention on the internet after the intimate scene caught fans’ attention. According to the sources, the first appearance in the latest episode was given by Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris, who play key roles in the series as they were spotted in a relationship. But why are they getting so much attention online?

Video by Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey

According to the reports, the actor and actress were spotted getting intimate on screen. Yes, both leading actors caught their fans’ attention after being spotted in an intimate scene. Ever since the episode’s clip went viral online, fans have been stunned by what they saw and created hilarious memes online. In this scene, Dominique Fishback aka Dre watches her sister Chloe Bailey while Marissa Jackson and boyfriend Khalid (Damson) get intimate with the door wide open. Realizing that Dre is outside the room, Khalid smiles at her and nods without stopping.

Now the intimate scene has attracted the attention of netizens around the world. Swarm follows a music enthusiast named Andrea “Dre” Greene, who develops an obsession with her favorite artist and will do whatever it takes to win her favor. Due to the intimate scene, netizens use their social media handles to share their reviews, and many memes started appearing on their accounts. Many didn’t expect the show to start with this scene.

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Many fans believe that the episode was created with the help of graphics and looked incredibly real. Many reactions on the Internet are: “DAMN!! Chloe Bailey was played by actor Damson Idris in a new s3x scene from the movie #Swarm & **sorry but by the looks of it they really fucked in that scene OMG”. Lately both have become a cause of interest across the internet and fans believe their intimacy was incredibly real. It looks like there will be many more scenes like this one in the upcoming episodes. The series is currently running on Amazon Prime Videos. Stay tuned with us for more details on an upcoming episode.

Just saw Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris video pic.twitter.com/Vfz6VO5MCf

— Not Jake from State Farm (@LordHo3kage) March 17, 2023

I open Twitter and see Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris pic.twitter.com/kXVHO5MIUm

— Jase (@itsmejase_) March 17, 2023

Damson Idris does scenes like this with Chloe Bailey and goes home to Lori Harvey pic.twitter.com/ZPxpxyb1gW

— Post Carlone (@carltonkitheka1) March 17, 2023

I see this scene with Damson and Chloe Bailey 😭 pic.twitter.com/GrVfKwJpNo

— vintage + fly mf (@DomGiavonni) March 17, 2023

Me after watching Swarm and seeing the scene with Damson Idris and Chloe Bailey pic.twitter.com/N7HeYN5RqO

— Jacob Hampton (@jacobytheboss16) March 17, 2023

This Damson/Chloe clip has more bookmarks than likes pic.twitter.com/znp5f0Beqv

— Tommie Battle³ (@tommiedotjpg) March 17, 2023

I see #Swarm and it immediately shows this scene with Chloe and Damson…like they had NOT wasted TIME. pic.twitter.com/JTiTX1VgZg

— ♡ (@laacolee) March 17, 2023

No way did I just see Damson do that to Idris Chloe Bailey pic.twitter.com/6NkRAvc5r1

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— ⁵chris🥷🏽 (@CheckDownChris) March 17, 2023

Damson Idris when he read the script and found out Chloe was the love interest pic.twitter.com/GM0RjzqgkY

— freebandz (@denyoflow) March 17, 2023

I take a look at why Chloe and Damson Idris are trending. pic.twitter.com/Sin1etAvnx

— BET (@BET) March 17, 2023

Chloe Bailey on how Damson Idris made her comfortable filming her first love scene in ‘Swarm’ #SXSW pic.twitter.com/jKhKmlTHj4

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) March 11, 2023

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris are so cute! 🖤 ​​pic.twitter.com/rBrApkWBst

— MEFeater Magazine (@mefeater) January 16, 2023