Dealership crashes Kia Sonet, asking owner to claim insurance

  • Mechanics in service centers often drive cars recklessly.
  • As a result, there is damage to the vehicles.
  • Also, dealers try to force you to take out insurance to cover the damage.

In another unfortunate scenario, dealership staff crash a Kia Sonet. It’s a classic case of mechanics abusing cars in the workshop. This practice is by no means new. It’s just that these incidents are being reported more frequently. Mechanics are always in a hurry and try to show off their driving skills inside a workshop when people bring their car in for service. But just like this Sonet owner, through no fault of their own, they are facing dire consequences.

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Dealership workers crash Kia Sonet

The details of this case were shared by the owner with Nikhil Rana. The latter has a YouTube channel where he posts content about accidents involving cars. The goal is to make people aware of the importance of buying cars with high safety ratings. This time a Kia dealer in Odisha was involved. The owner’s conversation with the YouTuber reveals that the mechanic drove the car recklessly and caused an accident right in front of the owner.

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He was taking the car for wheel alignment when he hit the bar out of overconfidence, the owner quoted as saying. It is shocking to see the damage caused by this act. One can understand how high the speed in the workshop must have been to have this kind of damage. First, the dealer asked the owner to claim the insurance. However, the owner shared the video of Nikhil Rana in which a similar accident happened. Kia replaced the car in this incident.

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After watching the video, the dealer agreed to fix the car. However, the owner mentions that both the mechanical and aesthetic components of the Sonet were badly damaged. So he wants the car replaced, which is fair. It is high time that car manufacturers took strict action against such abuse of cars in workshops. There is absolutely no fault of the owner. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Dealership crashes Kia Sonet in workshop
Dealership crashes Kia Sonet in workshop

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