Derek Mathewson’s ‘secret partner’ Vicki Ivens’ social media reveals a series of cryptic quotes

Bangers And Cash star Derek Mathewson’s reportedly new partner hinted at emotional turmoil in her personal life weeks before news of her alleged romance with the TV personality broke.

Mathewson, 71, is believed to have left his wife of 40 and started a new relationship with Vicki Ivens, a 45-year-old married colleague who is around 26 years his junior.

The star of British TV car auction series Bangers And Cash became “close” to Vicki after working together at his family business in Yorkshire, The Sun reports.

The blonde is said to have split from her husband Nicholas, whom she married in 2002 after he confronted her about the affair.

But a series of seemingly self-referential memes and social media posts Vicki shared over the course of a week hinted at an underlying frustration before her relationship with Mathewson was finally revealed.

‘Here we go again’: Derek Mathewson’s ‘secret partner’ Vicki Ivens’ social media reveals how she was fed up with a string of cryptic quotes – weeks before their ‘affair’ was revealed in Shock! It was reported this week that the Bangers and Cashstar have left his wife Sue, 40, for his colleague Vicki, 26 years his junior, to join his family business in Yorkshire

One such post, shared in February as she geared up for another week at work, read: “And here we f*** go again! … I mean, good morning. ‘

Two days later, she hinted that she was having a bad day, but kept quiet about the source of her apparent frustration, and another meme read, “You’re about to exceed the limits of my medication.”

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She captioned the post, adding: “Everything today!!”.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, a friend took to the comments section to guess, “Take deep breaths and count to… 10.”

Her social media appears to show that she and “former” husband Nicholas were still together as of December 2022.

Vicki worked in the Mathewsons office and, like his wife Sue, 71, made a few appearances on Bangers and Cash.

Their budding relationship is believed to have faltered when they were faced with damn phone bills from their respective spouses.

A source told The Sun: “Last month Sue showed up at Nicholas’s [Vicki’s husband] with a list of phone numbers”.

“He checked his bill and there were about 180 calls between them in three weeks.

“He confronted Vicki and she said she was glad he found out and glad she didn’t have to lie anymore.”

Sue, with whom Derek shares adult sons Paul and Dave, gave Vicki her marching orders from the shop and is believed to now work at Flamingo Land Theme Park.

MailOnline has reached out to representatives from Derek and the show for comment at the time of publication.

Established in 2019, Bangers and Cash follows Derek’s family auction business in the village of Thornton Le Dale and his passion for classic cars.

Colleague: Vicki worked in the Mathewsons office and, like his wife Sue, 71, appeared a few times on Bangers and Cash Cast: (LR) Sarah, Paul, Dave and Derek