Destiny 2 Launches Vexcalibur Secret Exotic Mission, Now Live

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Okay, Bungie, you got me. I was in the process of recording my weekly video commenting that there wasn’t too much content at the reset this week, just a new battleground and Vex mini-mission on Neomuna. Instead, fans immediately discovered a secret quest that went live this week, one that like Operation Seraph’s Shield, we’ll need to re-do in order to fully equip our new Glaive Vexcalibur. Yes great now.

There are really only two main steps for this quest:

Step 1: Find the Mission – Here you go to The Gulch in the EDZ. Stay up and head right where I suspect many people will be heading in that direction in your instance now that the mission has been found. If the path isn’t open, you’ll need to kill cubes in the area to open the path. You will go through a secret passage and eventually find a familiar looking blue harpy. This is where the mission begins. It is recommended that you have a power of 1800 and I don’t think there is a power delta associated with that as far as I can tell.

destiny 2


Step 2: Complete the Mission – There are a few different segments to this. I rode solo, but of course it would have been faster with a Fireteam. It’s not matchmade, so you’d have to use LFG. There are three main segments between exploring Vex network areas. You must find a code of shape patterns and enter them into a central nexus while Vex attacks you to invade new areas. These codes consist of 3-5 patterns and can be a bit difficult to find. Look from the edges and down a little if you can’t find them.

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The second part of the mission is a frantic scramble where you kill Vex and deposit purple particles in a central chamber where you then hide while everything else is atomized. The number of motes increases over time and after two turns you have one boss damage phase, then two more and you kill the boss. I had the hardest time soloing this part trying to kill the Vex without dying and making sure I had enough Motes. The UI pushes your mote grand total off the screen, which is annoying.

The final part of the mission, and mild spoilers ahead, is a battle against a repeat Brakion from the old Sunset Pyramidion strike. Yes, Ashen Mir in the Vex Network will walk you through this whole mission so you will actually be fighting his old enemy. This has a few different phases. The second is the most difficult as you will have to enter codes again to break his immunity shield. They are located on the far right and left of the arena in small triangles on the ground. I couldn’t find her in forever. Clear out mob and then do phased damage once you break the shield. The final phase is the traditional “Brakion loses his head and runs around trying to murder you.” Kill him back.

The mission still doesn’t end here, but there’s no real fighting anymore, just a bit of a jumping part and you’ll reach the end.

Step 3: Kill Vex – Your task now is to kill Vex with Vexcalibur. It is obvious that this will be another weekly farming mission. Additional weeks will unlock more supplies and grips for the weapon, and there are also three Catalyst perks. I’m not sure if there is a legend version of this quest like Seraph that you have to do. That would be…difficult considering what I’ve just experienced. But a very, very cool quest and a really big surprise. Well done Bungie.

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