Dhanbad: BBMKU teachers annoyed by VC’s dictation to online participation via video


Dhanbad, February 15: Teachers at Binod Bihari Mahto Koylanchal University (BBMKU) are angered by the University’s (VC) Vice-Chancellor’s new dictate, which requires teachers to mark their online attendance on video.

In particular, VC Sukhdeo Bhoi issued a decree ordering the teachers of Dhanbad-Bokaro in all 10 constituent colleges of BBMKU to allow online participation in their respective principals’ chamber under video surveillance.

Meanwhile, constituent college teachers fret that they (teachers) use biometric monitors to mark their attendance twice a day, online participation via video is unjustified, and no other university in the state has implemented this type of attendance yet.

As part of the BBMKU Vice Chancellor Directive, the rectors of the constituent universities have also issued similar notifications in this regard, in which teachers and non-teaching staff are instructed to participate online via video.

The principal of PK Roy Memorial College, Dr. Nasim Ahmed, issued a notice in this regard on February 10th, asking teachers and non-teaching staff to be present online in his Chamber on all working days.

However, when asked on Wednesday, some principals said they had not received a written order from the VC’s office.

On the other hand, the teachers of the constituent universities are surprised at the silence of the BBMKU teachers’ association on the dictates of the VC. They said that the faculty must protest the decree.

The spokesman for the BBMKU teachers’ association, Dr. Jitendra Aryan, when asked, said the association has not received any official information from the university so far. “I only saw the related report in the newspaper. Based on the newspaper report, the BBMKU Teachers’ Association would not comment,” said Dr. aryan

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However, the Federation of Universities Teachers Association (FUTAJ), the frontal organization of all six university teachers in the state, has protested the BBMKU’s decree, finding it unjustified.

FUTAJ Secretary General Prof. Raj Kumar (Ranchi University) said that online participation in the video is not practiced in any university of Jharkhand. The teacher’s presence is usually noted when he signs the register during class.

“Even the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the college teachers. It is unfortunate that teachers would have to show their faces on camera to ensure attendance at the facility. This may be a practice in banks and other institutions, but in a higher education institution it is against the dignity of teachers,” said Prof Raj Kumar.

The FUTAJ Secretary-General said that instead of focusing on online participation, BBMKU authorities should ensure whether or not teachers come to class on time and whether or not the curriculum is completed on time.

“FUTAJ believes this is just one way to sign up outsourcing companies. If the online presence is implemented in video, machines would be needed in all 10 colleges of the university. Obviously an outsourcing company would be asked to supply these machines.