Diablo 4 beta class leaderboard, best classes in beta leaderboard

The best class in the Diablo 4 beta is pretty subjective. You are encouraged to pick a base class and build it into a character that suits your personal preferences. As such, pinpointing the best class is quite difficult, so for this ranking we’ll be looking at the basic qualities of each class.

We’ve spent time in the Early Access beta for Diablo 4, and as the next beta approaches, knowing which class to start with is a pretty important decision. Each class has its own perks, abilities, and attack styles, making the decision all the more difficult.

Based on our time in the Early Access Beta, we’ve put together this Best Class Tier list for Diablo 4.

Diablo IV | Open Beta Gameplay Trailer Diablo 4 Beta Classes Ranking, Best Classes Ranking

There are five classes to choose from, and each has different attack styles and abilities that you should consider before choosing one.

As with many elements of Diablo 4, personal preference is an important factor in deciding which class is best for you. If you’d rather switch between ranged and melee combat, you might prefer the rogue. If you like getting up close and personal with magical attacks, the Sorcerer might be for you.

For our Diablo 4 leaderboard, however, we took a look at each class’s individual base qualities to see which we think are best suited to take on whatever this world has to throw at you, ranking them from best to best ranked among the worst.

All Diablo 4 beta classes, ranked from best to worst:

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Wizard Rogue Druid Barbarian Necromancer Wizard Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The caster can control the elements and turn them into vicious defensive or offensive attacks. There’s something rather elegant about being able to summon an element to blast through a horde of demonic enemies that dare close in on you. Even with their core values, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Whether it’s raining down shards of ice or watching a self-created bolt of lightning pierce through multiple enemies at once, the Wizard excels at various types of combat and deserves to be the best class in Diablo 4 so far.

Rogue credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The Rogue class excels at being able to switch seamlessly between ranged and melee combat. If you’re trapped amidst a horde of demons or relentlessly pursued by a swarm of ghouls, the Rouge’s two-handed weapons are an easy escape route.

If you prefer to stay away from waves of demons, you can attack from afar with the ranged weapon you carry. Overall, the Rouge class is good if you want multiple combat options. Also, the basic build you start with is a strong foundation for creating a more powerful character.

Druid Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The Druid class wasn’t available in the Early Access beta, but we’ve seen enough about it to think it deserves this spot in our leaderboard. The druid can influence powerful elements of nature, such as wind and storms, to knock enemies off their feet and leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

As if that wasn’t enough, they can also transform into intimidating animals like a bear or a wolf to tear demons apart.

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Barbarian Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

The Barbarian class is pretty much a Smash and Destroy class, but that’s what makes it so fun to play. They also excel at crowd control, meaning the least of your worries will be being swallowed up by a horde of demons.

With multiple weapons, war cries, and the ability to smash the ground to knock down approaching enemies, the Barbarian is a great class to have if you want to get in the thick of it.

Necromancer Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

This class was not available in the Early Access beta either, and little is known about the exact characteristics of this class. We know that the necromancer can control the undead and they can use blood, bone and shadow to inflict pain on anyone who crosses them.

With the Necromancer, it sounds like you have a chance to fight fire with fire or demons with undead, and that could make for an interesting fight.

Now that you have an idea of ​​which class is the best fit, read our Diablo 4 Beta Release Date Guide to find out how you can participate in the upcoming Open Beta weekend. Have fun, and whatever you do, don’t let the demons get you!

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