Did Aaron Rodgers Hint at NY Jets in Conversation with Brandon Marshall?

Aaron Rodgers provided some interesting comments while speaking with former New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall on Saturday.

Aaron Rodgers’ comments and quirks on Saturday might be instructive if you’re a clue-hungry New York Jets fan

As the Aaron Rodgers saga stretches to a length few could have anticipated, New York Jets fans are beginning to seek any clues they can about the four-time MVP quarterback’s future.

A very revealing clue may have surfaced on Saturday.

Rodgers hosted a celebrity flag soccer game in California. Former Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall was in attendance. In a video clip, Marshall can be seen pestering Rodgers about his future. While Rodgers maintains an impressive poker face, it will be difficult for Jets fans to watch this clip and not feel like Rodgers is coming to New York.

“Where are we going, A-Rod?” Marshall asked. To which Rodgers replied, “Hold on.”

Marshall, like many Jets fans, seems impatient with the process. He asked Rodgers, “How long do we have to wait?”. In response, Rodgers said, “Well, I guess it won’t be long now. There is a time limit for all of this.”

Marshall asks if he can break the news, given that he is, in his own words, “a jet of all time.” Rodgers disagrees with Marshall’s assessment, pointing out that Marshall had just one great season with the team.

Today marks a major turning point in the Rodgers saga. The free hand essentially begins tomorrow (Monday, March 13) at 12 p.m. ET, as that’s when the NFL’s legal manipulation window opens. Both teams need to know where they stand from a cap perspective before the free hand begins.

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With that in mind, it seems likely that a deal will be reached today – if not then it should be by early Monday morning at the latest. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where a resolution is not reached before 12:00pm ET on Monday.

It’s been a long, agonizing journey, but the finish line is finally near.

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