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Freewrite Alpha writing tool

Finding a quiet place with your thoughts to write your latest novel, article or report is not as easy as it sometimes seems. Especially if you have a busy family life or need to carry out thoughtful creations in a busy work environment. Writers looking for a way to enjoy distraction-free writing may be interested in a new kit called the Freewrite Alpha which is now available via Indiegogo. The project has already raised over $250,000 thanks to over 800 supporters with 30 days left.

The Freewrite Alpha is a small device packed with a full-size QWERTZ Keyboard and an ergonomic design provide the perfect portable writing tool for inspiration and zero distractions. With a 100 hours of battery lifewireless Cloud Sync and a lightweight portable design The Freewrite Alpha offers a unique portable writing experience.

Distraction-free writing

Supporter early bird pledges are available now for the inventive project, starting at around $269 or £252 (depending on the current exchange rate)which is offering a sizable discount of about 22% off the retail price while Indiegogo crowd funding is ongoing.

“Writing in the flow is not easy. It requires complete isolation from any distraction – a complete elimination of “context switches”. Context switches occur when your brain shifts its focus from one task to another. According to a study by UC Irvine, even a few seconds of distraction from an incoming text, social media notification, or email takes an average of 23 minutes to regain full focus. Alpha eliminates those context-switching distractions, giving you a dedicated space just for writing. “

Distraction-free writing

Assuming the Freewrite Alpha crowdfunding campaign successfully meets its required fundraising goal and manufacturing proceeds smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected sometime in July 2023. To learn more about the distraction-free writing project Freewrite Alpha, watch the promotional video below.

“Even more difficult than forming new habits is breaking old ones. Because of this, many aspiring writers struggle to write their first short story, book of poetry, or epic novel. Most use a computer: a place where they have developed many other habits besides writing. You can only write on Alpha. Alpha disconnects you from your old writing habits. Say goodbye to writer’s block. “

For a full list of all available commitments, stretch goals, additional media, and more distraction-free writing features, jump to the official Freewrite Alpha Crowdfunding campaign page by clicking the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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