Divorce attorney points to ‘key theme’ behind marriage failure

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A divorce attorney has uncovered a “big problem” he’s noticed in couples whose marriages have broken up recently.

Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., a New York City-based family attorney specializing in divorce cases, spoke about the trend on his TikTok page.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 4.4 million times and shared off-platform, shows Vetrano saying: “Would you like to know what the main theme I see as a divorce attorney in the divorce industry? Do you do consultations these days?”

He continues, “I see working moms doing everything, and I see husbands stepping back and saying, ‘Hm, I don’t have to do anything!’

“‘She’s got the kids, she’s got the groceries, she’s got the laundry, she’s got the meals, she’s got the work, and on the side she’s making all the money, paying for the house and doing everything else.’ I’ll join the fire department, I’ll play this, I’ll hang out with my friends.

“That’s the issue. And women are tired.”

Many viewers who commented on Vetrano’s video were divorced women and agreed with his observation.

“After my divorce I had one less child to worry about. Reached a higher level in life,” one person wrote.

Another said: “That’s why I got divorced. Then he accused me of cheating! When would I have time? I’m not even sitting on the couch.”

A third added: “As a single mother of two I had less work than as a married mother of two.”

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One woman said she shouldn’t feel any less stressed after her divorce because she has one less parent to help, to which Vetrano replied, “The reality is you shouldn’t, but many are a lot after divorce less stressed…”

One viewer pointed out that even when filing for divorce, women would have to shoulder the administrative burden of the separation.

“We even filed for divorce, found the attorney and made the custody plan,” they wrote.

In 2016, a study by University of Michigan researchers found that husbands put in seven more hours of housework per week than wives.

The study, which analyzed data from time diaries, found that the average married woman puts in seven hours more housework per week than the average single woman — while the average married man puts in just one hour more housework per week compared to single men.

A recent viral clip on TikTok showed a woman revealing that she secretly filmed her “ex-husband-to-be” at home to document how little he was doing with childcare and housework.