DNB-Ericsson’s 5G training in Sarawak was presented at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona

Barcelona, ​​​​Spain (February 28, 2023) – A technology presentation showing how Sarawak can benefit from the availability of 5G is currently being shown at the largest and most influential global connectivity event, Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023.

Visiting the Ericsson booth, Sarawak Minister of Utilities and Telecommunications Datuk Julaihi Narawi was able to see how the success in Sarawak has now become part of a global presentation of 5G use cases.

There he was also able to see and experience all the advanced technology solutions Ericsson is deploying on Digital Nasional Berhad’s 5G network. The minister was also briefed on how 5G can play a role in the development of Sarawak and the digitization of the economy.

The recent presentation in Sarawak (February 18) organized by Ericsson and DNB showed the successful delivery of a lecture by senior lecturer Dr. Syafiqah Saidin, who was at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Kuala Lumpur, in front of a group of students from Curtin University nearby, 1,400 km away in Miri.

Although Dr. Syafiqah was located inside the UTM-Ericsson IC5G (Innovation Center for 5G), both the lecturer and the students interacted with each other as if they were in the same physical environment, without any noticeable lag, using AR/VR headsets to create a high to experience quality. Real-time and interactive lecture in a customized metaverse.

The presentation was made possible by leveraging the ultra-fast, secure and reliable connectivity powered by Ericsson’s 5G standalone network utilizing carrier aggregation and network slicing technologies.

David Hägerbro, Head of Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh said that presenting the Sarawak showcase at MWC shows how 5G can enable digital transformation in all industries and also bridge the digital divide. It is a great showcase for the benefit of Malaysia and the rest of the world as it demonstrates the value of 5G in a real-world educational scenario.

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“The world-class 5G network that Ericsson is providing for DNB opens up tremendous opportunities for Sarawak and the rest of Malaysia. 5G will enable connectivity for schools, hospitals and businesses located in historically underserved areas where it can transform education, healthcare and local economies. It will bridge the digital divide while accelerating Malaysia’s digital transformation and ability to leap forward in the region,” said Hägerbro.

The Sarawak Education Showcase will be on view at MWC from February 27th to March 2nd, 2023 at Ericsson Hall.



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