Do you know these terms about social media and online life?

Do you know these terms about social media and online life?

Here’s our cheat sheet for some of the jargon and terms pioneers use online and when using social media:

Burner or Burner Phone – an old cell phone used to test applications and websites or use apps like Telegram and Rumble Deplatform – people or groups who actively fight against someone’s messages or beliefs and try to use their social media -Having an account terminated or doxing demonstrated – the act of publicly disclosing private personal information about an individual or entity, usually over the Internet. Flag – You can report someone’s social media post for violating the platform’s rules or community guidelines (often found under the 3 dots) JOMO – Joy of Missing Out – the opposite of FOMO, i.e. the afraid of missing out. It’s okay to be an introvert and stay comfortably at home. Saying no is empowering and liberating. Ghosting – When a person stops communicating with the person they are dating or their friends without notice or warning. Avoid bouncing text messages or phone calls. God Mode – System administration level access to an individual’s social media account, allowing the individual to edit, remove and censor images and information (e.g. law enforcement agencies) NSFW – Not safe for work. A warning not to open the email or message while you’re at a work computer. (Commonly used by partners to send each other adult jokes and dubious material). Phubbing – looking at and using your cell phone as a way to take your attention away from a face-to-face conversation. A combination of phone and snub. Scrubbing – the act of altering or removing data or images for accuracy or censorship purposes. Can be used for celebrities, professional athletes or job seekers or law enforcement. Sockbag – fake online accounts used by an author to support their own account or a community of like-minded people (sometimes used by PR firms to artificially boost a hashtag or topic to trend)

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Can you think of any others to add?

Emma Crameri: Brisbane-based technology reviewer and author Emma Crameri is a regular contributor to Women Love Tech and lifestyle website, where she reviews products. She is passionate about all things technical and has worked on ICT projects, online education and digital marketing. An early adopter with both Android and Apple devices, Emma is also the editor of the Brisbanista website. X

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