Dog pushed in stroller because he’s too ‘fat’ to walk has internet stitches

This overweight dog is not a fan of long walks to get rid of excess pounds, preferring to pick up his paws and ride in a stroller.

A TikTok shared by the @alejandramaof3 account on Jan. 8 has already garnered more than 11 million views.

The clip shows the stroller being pushed down a long road that winds in the distance. The ending was clearly too far for the lazy pooch who couldn’t bear to keep walking.

As the camera pans around to show us who is in the two-seater stroller, we see a tiny toddler in one of the beds while the family dog ​​is comfortably buckled up on the other.

The caption above the video reads, “Our old dog is fat and can’t take very long walks or his legs give out.”

Obesity is more common in older dogs because they lack energy and are unwilling to exercise.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, “Even being slightly overweight can reduce a dog’s life expectancy by almost two years compared to their leaner counterparts.”

“Adipose tissue is biologically active. It secretes inflammatory hormones and creates oxidative stress in body tissues, both of which contribute to many diseases.”

When a pet becomes overweight, there are options for owners. Ways to help your pup lose weight include portion control, regular weighing, and turning a boring chore into a fun daily activity.

Kelly Diehl, a Morris Animal Foundation veterinarian with over 25 years of experience, has spoken about the importance of detecting obesity in animals early to prevent it from becoming a serious problem.

Lazy dog ​​fall asleep, lying in dog bed, relaxing at home, closeup. This lazy dog ​​has gone viral after finding a new way to walk without having to expend any energy
Алексей Филатов/Getty Images

Diehl tells news week: “The key to preventing obesity in dogs is to catch the weight loss early – in other words, don’t let your dog gain extra pounds in the first place.”

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“Another secret to preventing obesity in your dog is for owners to learn how to use a body condition score. It’s easy and a great way for owners to take control of their dog’s weight. Just as you would step on the scale every morning, using a body condition rating system to routinely assess your dog can catch problems early.

“Also make it a habit to walk your dog every day. Not only will your dog benefit from exercise, but there is mounting evidence that it helps people stay healthy too!”

Although the experts would suggest that the dog should stand up and walk to improve its weight and mobility, the dog itself looks very content with its new mount. Securely strapped into the stroller seat, the dog looks cheerful while avoiding any strenuous movement.

TikTok user @alejandramaof3 laughed uncontrollably while filming the video of her dog, and when she posted the video to social media, it was captioned, “Now this will make me laugh forever!”

Viewers on TikTok have praised the dog for his ingenious way of getting out of the walk the rest of the way. One user commented on the video, “He was like, well I don’t see why the little human should be the only one sitting comfortably on walks,” while another person added, “Oh he’s so happy to be back so quickly.” to move. “

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