Dragons’ Den: Where to buy Matcha energy drink, Bobhead biker gear, Telle Moi and more

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There was enough suspense in this week’s episode of Dragons’ Den to cut through with a knife. Five groups of entrepreneurs entered the cave this week, two of them walked out with a deal.

While the episode started out fairly quietly, the dragons were silenced by brothers Damien and Sebastian Harris, who wowed investors with their Bobhead motorcycle fashion brand. The energy in the cave certainly peaked when the final two founders entered the room.

Matcha energy drinks startup PerfectTed has achieved one of the first clean sweeps in the series. The dragons’ enthusiasm for the product embodied the infectious energy of its founders and the tasty, natural drink they served.

Alongside Bobhead and PerfectTed, we also saw the founder of a nude nail gel and polish brand struggle in the cave, while the founder of a DIY gizmo struggled with his numbers, and another business owner accidentally dubbed the dragons “Fobbits.” . Here you can buy all the products featured in today’s episode.


Full of zest for action and youthful energy, the founders Marisa Poster and Teddie Levenfiche served their matcha energy drink brand PerfectTed in the cave. It was a clean victory for the founders, who received offers from all five dragons, with Steven Bartlett and Peter Jones winning the negotiations.

Launched in 2021, PerfectTed is a sparkling on-the-go matcha energy drink flavored with real fruit. The company says the drink keeps you energized twice as long as coffee, improves your focus and is packed with antioxidants.

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There are three different flavors – apple-raspberry, said to be sweet and tart; pineapple yuzu, which has a tropical citrus flavor; and Pear Ginger, which has a sweet ginger kick. The company also sells ceremonial matcha powder. PerfectTed currently has a Dragons’ Den bundle deal on their website for £45. It comes with two cans of each flavor plus a matcha starter kit with a 30g matcha powder sachet, an electric whisk and a spoon.

You can also buy individual 250ml PerfectTed cans from Holland & Barrett (previously £2.29, now £1.70, Hollandandbarret.com), Planet Organic (£2.29, Planetorganic.com) and a pack of six Cans on Amazon (previously £14.99, now £13.52, Amazon.co.uk). The energy drink was also launched in Tesco stores this week.

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(bob head)

Lifestyle brand Bobhead founders Damian and Sebastian Harris revved up the kites as they rode their motorcycles into the cave, with all kites praising the quality of Bobhead clothing. In the end, the duo successfully secured the support of Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman.

Founded in 2019 and based in Lancashire, Bobhead make clothing designed by bikers for bikers. The brand has a range of stylish and affordable clothing that caters to the average modern biker.

Bobhead sells everything from leather jackets, helmets and casual shirts to hoodies, backpacks and accessories. Sara Davies’ favorite black leather jacket (£159, Bobhead.co.uk) is one of the more expensive items, but if you want to look as cool as Davies, they come in sizes from small all the way up to 6XL.

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Shop now at Bobhead

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(Matey measure)

Steve Capon and Mark Sheahan entered the cave using a small gizmo called Matey Measure. A self-described Marmite product aimed at builders and DIY enthusiasts. While Deborah Meaden defended the pair from an almighty cricket from Touker Suleyman, Matey Measure failed to secure the investment.

Introduced in 2020, the Matey Gauge is a device that attaches to a tape measure to help you get precise and accurate measurements around corners and recesses. Capon was actually featured in an Independent article in 2020 as a founder starting a business on eBay during the Covid-19 lockdown.

You can buy the Matey Measure from a number of places online including eBay (£9.99, Ebay.co.uk), The Range (£12.99, Therange.co.uk), Amazon (£13.95, Amazon.co.uk) and in the Matey Measure store on Gadget Stand (£9.99, Gadgetstand.com).

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(Telle Moi)

Natel Allen’s gels and nail polishes were applauded by Steven Bartlett and Deborah Meaden – the latter clashed again with Touker Suleyman in this episode when the fashion mogul compared the Télle Moi branding to a fake product pedaling Oxford Street. While the Dragons appreciated what Allen was attempting, most of them felt it was too small an undertaking to jump on board.

Founded in 2019, Télle Moi makes vegan, nude colored gels and nail polishes for all skin tones and shades. Handcrafted by Allen himself, the independent brand has 24 glossy, quick-drying shades.

There are 16 different nail polish colours, all priced at £6.99 each, and 28 different gel polish colours, starting from £8.99. Télle Moi also sells nail care products and accessories, as well as gift boxes and starter kits.

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Buy now at Telle Moi

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It was an awkward start for Jack of All Trades founder Peta Seymour, who accidentally said “Hello, Fobbits” instead of “Hello, Dragons.” Unfortunately, while Peter Jones had way too much fun joking about having the same name as Seymour, this episode her fobbits were relegated to the montage slot and she received no investment.

The Fobbit is a nifty little keychain gadget that helps you complete everyday tasks. You can use it to find the end of duct tape, scratch off lottery tickets or parking passes, split open grocery packages, lift ring pulls on food cans and beverage cartons, pierce microwave meal wraps, and attach to children’s clothing to help them zip up. A single Fobbit normally costs £2, but the Fobbit website is currently 50% off.

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