Dubai Future Academy launches 3 new digital courses

DUBAI – Dubai Future Academy, the capacity-building arm of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), today announced the launch of three new digital courses to promote forward-thinking techniques through a world-class educational experience. This is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which emphasizes the importance of using foresight tools to strengthen Dubai’s position as a global leader in the future design field .

The launch of the new courses also falls within the Dubai Future Foundation’s efforts to promote futures knowledge and develop a global information model that supports the skills and competencies of future shapers in various fields and provides them with the necessary tools. It also emphasizes how important it is to proactively prepare for the future and its changes and to make the best possible use of future opportunities.

These free digital courses allow participants from the UAE and from around the world to improve their skills in a variety of fields and introduce them to key opportunities in Futures Methodologies, Futures Technologies and Futures Literacy, including key employment opportunities Future Foresight Tools in various private and governmental areas.

Saeed Al Gergawi, Director of the Dubai Future Academy, another initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation, commented that preparing the public for future foresight tools is one of the key pillars of the Dubai Future Foundation, adding: “This initiative is an open one Invitation to all who have the ambition to make their mark in the field of future design.”

Al Gergawi added: “The Dubai Future Foundation is focused on building the capacity of youth and motivating them by providing them with the skills they need to take advantage of future opportunities. As we continue to promote this approach in all of our programs, we will also work together to listen to the ideas and aspirations of program participants so that we can continue to improve and evolve them to meet participants’ needs while serving the core purpose the mission of the Dubai Future Foundation, which is to equip future decision makers with the key skills needed.”

“Through this initiative we aim to export Dubai’s future thinking to the world by opening up the opportunity for everyone to participate in these programs and this contributes to the sharing of future knowledge based on a complete and consolidated vision that can keep up with the changing times and the new trends and employs the latest innovative practices,” he added.

This digital initiative applies an innovative methodology that offers participants a unique learning experience, allowing them to apply practical skills in both their professional and personal lives. The courses are designed so that participants can choose when to view the recorded lectures without being tied to a schedule. This allows participants to control the pace at which they complete the course.

The courses are taught in English and Arabic and can be registered via the Dubai Future Foundation website:

Participants will receive certification from the Dubai Future Foundation upon completing the course, passing the final exams with a score of 90% or more and proposing an idea for a future initiative that will shape the future of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The first course, entitled Foundations of Foresight, aims to introduce participants to the key foundations of foresight, its concepts and ethics, its role in today’s world, the exploration of future scenarios, and the mechanisms for applying these principles of strategic thinking.

Students on the Foundations of Emerging Technologies course will learn the key technological foresight tools in today’s emerging technologies, ways to use artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as blockchain applications, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and more know others.

The third course, entitled Foundations of Futures Literacy, allows participants to explore, study and practice future communication skills and tools, improve cognitive, motivational and dynamic skills, as well as introduce them to the most important skills of the 21st century and them Providing tools builds a forward-thinking mindset that helps them actively participate in shaping the future.