DVIDS – News – Mobile Exhibit Company, gearing up for 2023 and beyond

FORT KNOX, Kentucky — Through March, the Mission Support Battalion’s Mobile Exhibition Company (MEC) will host 122 events in 29 states covering more than 80,000 miles.

The MEC consists of 37 active-duty Soldiers. All are certified commercial driving licenses (CDL) and trade issuers. The company includes Army exhibitors ranging in rank from Staff Sergeant through Sergeant First Class, held together by a First Sergeant and Company Commander. MEC soldiers criss-cross the nation to support recruiters, bringing assets to events and enhancing viewers’ experiences with the Army.

The MEC’s ​​role in the accession mission provides prospective Soldiers with the opportunity not only to connect with representatives from their local Army recruiting battalions, but also to speak with MEC Soldiers who travel around the nation on active duty while completing their share army stories.

“Reaching out to the public and sharing our soldiers’ stories is honestly the best part of this job. Capt. Emma Neal, Company Commander, Army Mobile Exhibit Company. “People don’t even know that this is a job option in the army to drive trucks across the country and then they’re like, ‘How do I enlist!’

With a fleet of 21 branded assets, – 12 heavy trucks and 9 lighter assets; – The MEC provides hands-on experience for life as an active-duty soldier in today’s army. The trailers are equipped with the latest technology in gaming, virtual reality, STEM, weapons and aviation simulators.

At the beginning of 2023, the MEC soldiers have just taken their much-needed and well-deserved vacation. Monitored and well maintained all year round, the MEC facilities have been tuned, repackaged and are ready for next year on the road. Local recruiting companies invite MEC assets to attend college and career fairs, festivals, concerts and sporting events, in addition to larger annual events such as Future Farmers of America and air and sea shows where they are a fan favorite. This year, as in previous years, MEC attended the Celebration Bowl in December and the Rose Bowl in January.

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The US Army Mission Support Battalion (USAMSB) is part of the Army Marketing and Engagement Brigade and is based in Fort Knox, Kentucky. In addition to MEC operations, USAMSB produces branding and interactive products, conducts professional exhibitions and recruits contacts to generate leads and improve activation.

For more information about the Mission Support Battalion and Mobile Exhibit Company, call, text, or email the Mission Support Battalion Public Affairs at 502-956-5998 or [email protected]

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