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The company set to produce this year's Edinburgh's Christmas withdrew from the contract.  Image: Ian Rutherford.
The company set to produce this year’s Edinburgh’s Christmas withdrew from the contract. Image: Ian Rutherford.

We still haven’t heard why they withdrew just two months before the start of the Christmas markets. What made business so awkward that one of the big companies at Christmas markets found it couldn’t go on?

I would like to see the termination clause and the associated penalties for the organizers if they terminate the contract early. Sounds to me like the Council didn’t draft their treaty well, to the detriment of the public sector.

Why does it cost Edinburgh anything? If I call a gardener and he doesn’t come, it doesn’t cost me anything. I look around and get someone else and create a new contract.

Surely it’s cheaper to hire a team of people whose only job on the Council is to plan, organize and manage the logistics of these events? The year can easily be broken down into three distinct phases to keep the team busy – * Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr – to introduce a Spring Festival of sorts. * May/June/July/August – Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. * Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec – Halloween, Memorial Day, Christmas, Hogmany.

A much better event at Inverleith Park – the Edinburgh Christmas 5k and 10k on December 4th!

King Charles III appeared in a special episode of BBC’s The Repair Shop filmed at Dumfries House in Scotland

It was a fabulous piece of television. The King and Jay Blades seemed to really connect and have fun together. I hope the program makers keep the royal connection. And I sobbed at the lady from Edinburgh and her fireplace set, what a story.

I’ve been saying for years that we need more vocational training and education. That’s what colleges should be for. They used to be there for that – now they are all universities.

I really enjoyed this episode and King Charles is absolutely right there should be more emphasis on education or we will lose those skills forever.

Finally, now someone might be listening.

Has he forgotten that universities are gigantic corporations? We need a culture change. Unlikely in our lifetime given the greed we experience.

Totally agree with him on this point! We need young people to acquire skills when they are not interested in pursuing the academic path. We need a new generation of craftsmen.

He’s absolutely right. Common sense for once. Let’s hope that he will be listened to and that those responsible for preparing our young people for the future will listen and pay attention.

How right, the best King Charles said. I hope those in power are listening.

Great episode, really enjoyed it, everyone involved did a good job.

Absolutely brilliant episode, the lady from Edinburgh brought me to tears.

I was really impressed by the way The Repair Shop with King Charles emphasized the need for apprenticeships! When I was younger in the late ’60s, they really pushed it. I was a hairdresser and my husband a carpenter. I very much hope that he will be listened to.

Before he bought Dumfries House I had a wonderful night there. The company I worked for rented it so we could all enjoy four-poster beds and antique furniture. The bar was tanned and the place was spoiled!

Difficult to get a plumber, but an art history professor is no problem.

He’s right, who else fixes plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.?

Thatcher abolished apprenticeships.

Totally agree, my late father always said the same thing.

Did he have the fountain pen repaired?