‘Elon Musk is a visionary. That said, he’s a terrible fit for Twitter’: Horror Legend Stephen King Praises Musk’s Reign as Tesla CEO But Calls Him Out on Draconian Social Media Antics

After the social microblogging site Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder has made a significant number of changes. From the return of Twitter accounts of controversial figures like Donald Trump to changes in verified ticks, there have been many changes since the $44 billion acquisition. In the midst of all this, American horror author Stephen King Musk once again called out on Twitter.

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Stephen King is known for his controversial statements on current world events. His comments about Elon Musk have sparked a lengthy internet brawl between him and the Twitter boss. His recent addition to this series of tweets was more interesting as he both praised and criticized the 51-year-old richest person in the world.

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What did Stephen King say about Elon Musk?

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

It cannot be said that the experiments Elon Musk attempted with the little blue bird were all very successful. His paid verification tick plans could not last more than 48 hours and also created a lot of chaos on the platform. The company had to stop the plan by force.

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Stephen King is not a big fan of the CEO, which he also made clear in several of his tweets. He even called him Tom Sawyer on the public platform and openly stated that the pre-Musk days were better. But his recent tweet was both controversial and interesting, as he put it iron man 2 Actor a visionary of Tesla, only to end up calling him a misfit for Twitter.

While this tweet drew a lot of attention, some people also pointed out that Elon Musk was not the founder of Tesla and that King was wrong in stating facts. Very soon The glow The author tweeted on his account that he just said Musk made it a huge hit and never crowned him as creator.

It looks like the online brawl isn’t going to end anytime soon, as even Musk is reluctant to remain silent even after this long chain of tweet wars.

Activists motivate the leading companies to stop running paid ads on Twitter in protest.
Activists motivate the leading companies to stop running paid ads on Twitter in protest

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What did Elon Musk reply to Stephen King?

The billionaire didn’t take much time to reply to the 75-year-old writer that his suggestions are welcome.

Musk has repeatedly stated that he wants Twitter to be a platform for free speech that does not condone violations of the law. But things don’t seem to be going as he speculated, and many advertisers have refrained from posting anything on Twitter in recent times due to the spate of misinformation and hijacked accounts. Stephen King also previously trolled Twitter by saying that one day only MyPillow will be left to advertise on Twitter.

Losing more advertisers can be disastrous for Musk, according to the Washington Post. The platform has already lost more than a third of its top 100 marketers. It will be interesting to see how Elon Musk deals with the issues, which can be drastic if they persist over the long term.

Source: Twitter/The Washington Post