Elon Musk May Launch A Competitor To iPhone & Android If Twitter Is Removed From The App Store / Digital Information World

Rumors of a Tesla device coming to market that will serve as a perfect competitor for iPhones and Android have been circulating for a while.

Today Elon Musk did it spill the beans about his future plans if his Twitter platform on the App Store shows the door.

Musk mentioned that in line would be a device that would hold up pretty well against Android and iPhones. He thinks a backup plan is the need of the hour when companies start making unfair decisions against his new social media app.

In case you didn’t already know, Elon Musk has made some serious changes to his Twitter app that many consider controversial. Some worked, but the others didn’t. And many critics are now predicting that it will only be some time before we witness the demise of this platform.

Then we saw so many advertisers exit because they felt an investment decision was just too risky. Musk’s latest eyebrow-raising decision is a poll in which he asked whether or not all suspended accounts on the app should be restored. And that’s just days after former US President Donald Trump was invited back into the app.

Now it seems so much more likely that we could end up seeing Musk’s efforts to promote free speech as violating various policies in today’s market. Additionally, this particular strategy led us to realize that both Apple and Google would soon be phasing out the app.

This is definitely not the first time we’ve heard of Musk’s massive complaints against these two leading tech companies. He previously criticized them for offering such high fees.

The famous Tesla Pi Phone is a device that has been very vaguely talked about in the past. Rumors abound, but the only thing Musk is pushing over the edge is his acquisition of Twitter and what to do next if things don’t work out.

We must mention that the idea is not too far-fetched. Remember that Tesla has its own microprocessing facility to create chips and stack software with all sorts of games and even apps. And with over a million customers, that’s a vision we see one day coming true.

For now, we’re just taking the news as a hint from Musk as to what his next deal might be, but it hasn’t materialized just yet.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to Apple and Google and their shocking behavior. When they team up on Twitter, a lot of things can change, including Elon Musk’s various shots.

Again, how the world would even react to such decisions is another point worth mentioning. For now, we’re just letting time unfold reality in front of us.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

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