EMUI is doing better than Android for new features

EMUI has a bunch of new innovations and this Huawei software has different things better to accomplish than Android these days. Android just got lost in the middle of versions, but EMUI actually expands the features.

Let’s review Android and see how it’s doing at the current time.

Material you:

Android 12 has brought a big change to Android devices that includes the Material You library. This new library supports dynamic themes and theme icons.

As open-source software, this feature has spread to other OEMs, but what happened to Android 13?

Looking at the feature list, we have something new called “per-app” language and a moderate change in thematic icons.

Actually, I’m also a fan of theme icons and dynamic themes, and by far one of the best innovations Google has made over the last Android version. Material You not only improves the properties, but also improves the appearance of the user interface.

However, is there anything else? Yes, Google says it has further improved Android’s security and privacy scores. Also expanded support for large screen devices with the Android ‘L’ version.

One more thing? The answer is a clear no. Android has done nothing else at the moment.


Even with the Huawei smartphone in mind, EMUI 12 was by far the best user interface Huawei phones have ever installed. The animations are smooth and crispy and the consumer could really feel what they are doing.

Aside from the new UI and animations, the company has done something better than Android 13. What could that be? Well, it’s related to your interactions with the smartphone and it’s related to that

“It’s better to make user interactions really easy than to make it look really easy.”

EMUI 12 brings features like Control Panel, Notification Center, Large Folders, Device+ and other major smart changes not available in core Android.

For example, the large folders feature helps you organize the home screen apps in one folder. Conventional folders could do that too. Yes! But Huawei designed this feature to expand the size to large, and you can open the app without having to open the folder first.

The rest of the features of EMUI 12 are also amazing in their own way as they save you time and give you better support in terms of simplicity, accessibility and device interactions.

With the launch of EMUI 13, Huawei will continue to strengthen the EMUI ecosystem and bring more useful and better features than Android even if it runs on an Android base.

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