ENGAGE Introduces New Virtual AI Customer Service Agent

NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Take a stake in XR Holdings Plc (AIM: EXR; Euronext Growth: EXR), a virtual reality (“VR”) technology company and provider of virtual communication solutions in the metaverse, today announced the launch of Athena, an augmented reality (AI) collaborator that transforms AI into a Virtual Reality (VR) environment for ENGAGE corporate customers. Athena takes the concept of customer service chatbots to the next level using the open AI programs ChatGPT-3 and DALL.E, which offer enterprise customers the ability to have full, interactive conversations with the avatar within the ENGAGE metaverse . click HERE and HERE Experience Athena.

“The launch of Athena will open up endless possibilities for enterprise customers and transform the future of the metaverse,” said David Whelen, CEO and co-founder of ENGAGE. “With just a prompt or two, users can have full conversations with Athena within the ENGAGE platform, asking her almost anything from completing simple tasks and answering basic questions to creating complex and unique installations within the metaverse.”

Traditionally, customer service chatbots are software or computer program interfaces that simulate human-like conversations through text or voice interactions. Traditionally, chatbots have been programmed with keywords and preset scripts, which can limit their functionality and usefulness. Athena’s AI intelligence extends customer service chat functionality for ENGAGE Link users. Athena can provide advice, answer questions, source media for playback, create AI images, find 3D objects, create sticky notes, and interact with key platform functions. All of this is done via an animated avatar body that makes people interacting with Athena feel like they’re talking to a real person. The AI ​​functionality also allows Athena to learn and improve her intelligence the more she interacts with humans, improving her performance and responding more naturally to conversational prompts.

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“We named ENGAGE’s companion, Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom, craft and practical reason,” said Whelan. “As our customers continue to interact with Athena, she will continue to grow in intelligence with every prompt and conversation. The launch of Athena is just the beginning of a major roadmap we have planned for AI metaverse applications.”

In the coming weeks, ENGAGE engineers will add more functionality and connectivity to Athena using various AI programs. She gets access to hundreds of technical documents that will train her to be an expert on the ENGAGE platform and help improve her reactions to become more human.

ENGAGE XR plans to provide custom AI workers for its enterprise customers at an additional cost in the future. Each custom avatar is given a unique personality and equipped with all the technical knowledge needed to support each company’s goals and mission. The avatars can perform a variety of customer-facing tasks, including technical support, training, education, and moderation.

To learn more about ENGAGE XR and Athena, please visit the company’s blog and website https://engageplc.com and follow us on social networks LinkedIn, Twitter, youtube and Facebook.

Take a stake in XR Holdings plc (AIM: EXR; Euronext Growth: EXR) is a Metaverse technology company focused on becoming a leading global provider of virtual communications solutions through its new full-featured enterprise Metaverse, ENGAGE Link. The company also has a proprietary software platform, ENGAGE. ENGAGE offers users a platform to create, share and deliver VR content for education, training and online events through its three solutions: Virtual Campus, Virtual Office and Virtual Events. EXR is listed on the AIM in London and on the Euronext Growth Market in Dublin, a market operated by Euronext Dublin. For more information please visit https://engageplc.com and follow us on social media LinkedIn, Twitter, youtube and Facebook.

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