Ensurem Leverages AI to Provide Exceptional Customer Service, Retention and Best in Class Compliance Driving Rapid Growth

Certainm’s AI-driven automation ensures compliance and transparency for seniors who wish to evaluate their Medicare options during Open Enrollment launch 15th Octoberth2022.

LARGO, Fla., September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Certainm, A Florida-based insurance technology and distribution company, announced on September 22ndnd, 2022 that it has adopted new proprietary technology to help automate its compliance and retention business functions. This technology is powered by speech analysis algorithms that analyze call transcripts in real time. It identifies key phrases and speech patterns used in conjunction with a machine learning platform to predict customer behavior and ensure a great customer experience.

“Our vision is to provide Medicare shoppers with a customer-centric, 5-star shopping experience and to help seniors find the right health insurance plan that meets their unique health care and budget needs,” said David Rich, CEO of Certainm. “Our team provides robust customer support that helps build loyalty and avoid complaints by ensuring Medicare customers have the right coverage and know how to use it.”

When it comes to automating customer retention efforts, this data is paired with sales data and fed into a machine learning platform that predicts how customer retention efforts will be prioritized and managed. This technology is appropriate for compliance efforts where automatic phrase checking is key to ensuring compliance. The system checks each call for specific phrases in real time and rates calls based on set criteria. The score is then used to drive human intervention if needed.

“It has enabled us to move from a fully manual audit plan to a process that includes fully automated coverage, plus targeted manual auditing where necessary,” he said Clinton Arlington, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer. “The results were amazing with almost 100% accuracy when comparing the automated audits to manual audits. It is the answer to how we can sustain our growth trajectory while maintaining our industry-leading focus on compliance.”

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms thrive in environments with ample access to reliable data,” he said Josh Candamo, Chief Information Officer of Certainm. “We already use call analytics data for marketing, sales and compliance purposes [so] As we continue to expand our technology platforms, we will continue to grow and expand to more cases to continue capitalizing on the infrastructure investments we have made over the past few years.”

Complaints about private Medicare plans more than doubled between 2020 and 2021, according to a recent report from the Centers of Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS). These findings prompted the Senate Finance Committee to investigate possible deceptive marketing practices. As an outside marketing organization contracted with some of the nation’s top Medicare Advantage carriers, Certainm uses advanced technology and AI-driven automation to combat complaints on two fronts: compliance and retention.

“The industry has a responsibility to our seniors to stop aggressive Medicare sales practices that take advantage of vulnerable populations,” he said David Rich, CEO of Certainm. “Ensurem has always recognized this and now goes beyond our marketing efforts to ensure we deliver a 5-star customer experience in every interaction.”

About Guarantee:

Guaranteem headquartered in Largo, FL, is a leading technology and product distribution company serving carriers and consumers in the vast US seniors market. The company offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, vision, dental, hospital indemnity, and terminal expense insurance. It also offers end-to-end solutions for carriers, including product development, digital marketing, and consumer-centric insurance technologies. Certainm has been named one of the fastest growing companies in its region and an Inc. 5000 honoree.

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