EpicVin provides accurate vehicle history data in an epic way

When searching for cars, you’ve probably gotten vehicle history reports from sites like CARFAX or AutoCheck. These websites provide detailed reports that can show you if a car has been in an accident, has a make title, and when and where it was repaired. But have you ever thought that these sites might not show you everything? EpicVin aims to change that by reporting more vehicle history details than these popular sites.

Used car buyers on a lot | Getty Images EpicVIN collects its data in an epically comprehensive way A screenshot of the EpicVin homepage | EpicVIN

While vehicle history websites like CARFAX and AutoCheck get their information from motor vehicle agencies, police and fire departments, accident repair facilities and car auctions, EpicVIN goes one step further. Alice Coleman, a representative for EpicVIN, told us that it is the first vehicle history provider to collect information based on blockchain technology — which is essentially a “digital ledger of data compiled from public sources.”

EpicVin also obtains its data from other well-known providers such as motor vehicles, car dealerships, garages, banks, damage assessors and insurance companies. This allows the vehicle history company to access information that the more well-known websites do not provide, such as images of the vehicles and sales history. With this extensive information, car buyers can get a complete overview of the car before making a purchase.

EpicVIN also partnered with garages across the country to provide vehicle maintenance reports for a deeper look into each car. All of this data and technology enables EpicVIN to provide customers with real-time insights.

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There’s more than vehicle history reports on the EpicVIN website

When you log into the EpicVIN website, you will find more than just the vehicle history reports. The site has search capabilities for new and used cars across the country. Similar to CARFAX, EpicVIN shows a vehicle history report for each used vehicle it lists. However, we found that the user has to pay for the report, while CARFAX displays the full report for free.

The EpicVIN website is also a helpful tool for merchants that provides real-time leads and marketplace distribution for their ads.

How much does an EpicVIN report cost?

EpicVIN currently charges $14.99 for a single full report and $49.99 monthly for unlimited reports. Considering how much data the service provides, that’s a steal compared to EpicVIN’s competitors.

For example, CARFAX charges $44.99 for a single report and AutoCheck charges $24.99. CarFax also charges a whopping $99.99 for five reports and AutoCheck charges $49.99 for five reports. There is no unlimited reports option.

How do EpicVIN reports compare to other websites?

After comparing reports of the same 2019 Nissan 370Z Nismo between AutoCheck and EpicVIN, the differences are clear. The EpicVIN report is clearer and presents the information more concisely. It even shows more detailed insights into the accident in the report.

Additionally, there are separate sections that display scrap, salvage, and insurance records, as well as title history information and safety recall audits. Considering that EpicVIN offers more vehicle history information for less, we’d say it’s an epic tool for anyone buying a car.

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