Epson Expands Commercial Printing Gadget

Epson has added six new models to two of its best-known commercial print ranges.

The new products offer exceptional image quality as all products in the range use Epson’s UltraChrome Pro6 six-colour pigment inks, which now include an additional gray ink to extend the color gamut. The new devices also promise low running costs, a reduced carbon footprint and ease of use.

It has announced the following new printers:

The SureColor SC-P6500E (single roll), SC-P6500D (dual roll with PostScript) and SC-P6500DE (dual roll) models 24 inch (610 mm) models The compact, mobile and cost-effective photo printer SL-D500, which is now part of the SureLab Series A 24 and 36 inch model that complements the Epson SureColor SC-T range of large format technical printers and poster production printers

The three new 24-inch models – the SureColor SC-P6500E (single roll), SC-P6500D (dual roll with PostScript) and SC-P6500DE (dual roll) and the 44-inch SureColor SC-P8500DL – complement the SureColor series. existing 44-inch large format printer SC-P8500D, which was developed for large-volume poster production and copy shops.

A new fully integrated 44-inch production printer offers intelligent functions and a six-color ink pack system.

Epson has provided the following information about the new printers:

The SureLab SL-D500 offers users an extremely compact, mobile and cost-effective solution for producing 10 x 15 cm / 9 x 13 cm prints, along with a number of significant advantages over D2T2 (Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer) printers.

The SL-D500 has a reduced carbon footprint when shipped and uses less energy per print than previous models thanks to Epson’s unique heat-free technology. In fact, since introducing the first SureLab printer over 10 years ago, Epson has steadily reduced its operating energy consumption from 500 watts to just 18 watts. Environmental sustainability is further enhanced by making the ink bottle carton from 100% recycled material.

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With very low power consumption, the SL-D500 is a cost-effective solution for photo or double-sided card printing, small books and desk calendars. It offers exceptional image quality and is ideal to complement or replace dye-sublimation printers in photo shops or at events. The unit is also stackable, allowing it to be used on countertops, ensuring it takes up minimal space.

The printer is an ideal choice for event photographers looking for a solution that allows for easy, high-quality on-site production and can be powered by either a portable battery pack or mains power. It also features an integrated transport lock, making it very portable.

The new 24-inch SC-T3700D (Dual Roll) and 36-inch SC-T5700D (Dual Roll) models added to Epson’s SureColor SC-T range are designed to meet the technical drawing needs of architectural, Engineering and construction industries diverse enough to produce high quality advertising posters for the retail and public sectors. With an extremely compact footprint, the products are among the smallest large format printers currently available and ensure increased productivity with print speeds of up to 150 m² per hour.

Epson’s SC-Tx700 printers use Epson’s 6-colour UltraChrome XD3 full pigment inks. These include a new red ink that expands the printers’ color gamut, making them ideal for applications such as marking up CAD drawings and accurately replicating company logos.

Enhanced IT and security features including encrypted PIN/passwords and Access Control List (ACL). Secure communication is ensured with 802.1x network authentication, SNMPv3 and Device Identity Certificate (TLS), while encrypted SSD and NFC card authentication protects confidential documents.

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Epson’s signature Variable Size Droplet and Nozzle Verification technology, along with Adobe PostScript, come standard on both new models to ensure consistent and exceptional image quality with minimal maintenance.

An intuitive user interface, self-loading media and easy self-maintenance mean the SC-Tx700 series is extremely easy to use. Mobile remote printing, faster data processing, and remote real-time monitoring and management via the Epson Cloud Solution PORT platform optimize workloads. Maintenance tracking and remote troubleshooting services are also available to improve efficiency and productivity.

Timothy Thomas, Country Manager of Epson South Africa, says: “These six newly launched models are consistent with the reputation for which Epson’s commercial print ranges have become known, namely exceptional image quality, compactness, outstanding productivity, improved sustainability and industry-leading print technology. Each model is accompanied by its own unique selling points with a purpose-built printing solution suitable for a variety of high-volume and complicated commercial applications.”