Escape Velocity (exclusive reseller of Sizmek by Amazon in India) partners with Vossle for augmented reality ad units

Sizmek by Amazon is one of the largest ad serving platforms and Escape Velocity enables Vossle Augmented Reality Ads to be served through Sizmek by Amazon.

GURGAON, India, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vossle has announced its partnership with Escape Velocity Digital Private Limited to become their Augmented Reality (AR) advertising partner. Escape Velocity is the exclusive reseller of Sizmek by Amazon in India and will integrate Vossle into the Sizmek platform to enable its AR ad offering.

Vossle’s AI-enabled augmented reality advertising platform will be integrated with the Sizmek platform to offer highly engaging AR ads to advertisers. These will be available on all digital publishers available on the Sizmek platform.

Escape Velocity (exclusive reseller of Sizmek by Amazon in India) partners with Vossle for augmented reality ad units

Advertising has evolved over the past hundred years from text to images and, for many years, to video, with increasing interaction in all three formats. However, the time has come for the next advancement in advertising, one that offers viewer interaction that is completely absent in the current formats mentioned. Vossle AR displays use the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to engage the viewer and their surroundings in the display, overlaying contextual virtual elements that engage the viewer. All of this happens while the viewer is reading a news/article in the digital publication.

Vossle AR ads benefit advertisers by driving up to 7x more visitor engagement and conversions into higher click-through rates (CTR). Additionally, these highly engaging campaigns have the potential to go viral.

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In addition, AR ads are beneficial for publishers as they can generate better revenue through higher cost per mille (CPM). Since audience retention and visitor retention is high for AR ads, it also increases session duration, resulting in better search engine rankings and traffic for publishers.

Raghu Seelamsetty, CEO of Escape Velocity, said: “Vossle has created a brilliant product that evolves the way users interact with a brand’s digital displays. We are excited about this partnership and believe it is a great opportunity for advertisers to engage customers through the use of immersive technologies and artificial intelligence.”

“Sizmek by Amazon (SAS) is one of the largest providers in the ad server space and we are excited about the partnership. Vossle AR ads powered by the Sizmek platform will fundamentally change the advertising world,” said Vossle co-founder and CEO, Prafulla Mathur.

About Sizmek:

Amazon’s Sizmek offers advertisers and agencies solutions to create, distribute, measure and optimize their messages. These solutions include ad serving, creative authoring, analytics, and dynamic creative optimization solutions. Amazon’s Sizmek helps advertisers get the most out of their campaigns.

About Vossle:

Vossle is an AI-enabled NoCode SaaS platform for creating web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR) that works on all devices (laptops and smartphones). No app downloads are required to experience world goals, games or face recognition based experiments with Vossle’s core AR+AI engine. Vossle customers include companies such as Unilever, Tata, EmiratesNBD and thousands of developers around the world.

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SOURCE Vossle Technology Pvt Ltd