Esports in India: The emergence of a gaming giant

Pujan Chadha

The gambling industry has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. While the sheer increase in the number of online gamers across India has been a key driver, the fact that gamers are using their PCs to stay connected has continued to support the growth of the industry. Furthermore, with changing consumer demands driving the use of innovative technologies in gaming devices, the next few years will undoubtedly be the golden age of Indian gambling. Let’s dive deeper to understand what to expect in Indian games:

Career and Business Opportunities

According to Lumikai FY21-22 report, Indian gambling market will reach $8.6 billion in FY27. According to a recent report by TeamLease Digital, the industry is expected to add 1,000 new jobs by the end of FY23. Combine this with the industry’s push into Tier 2/3 cities and you see a range of opportunities, not just for professional gamers, but holistically as developers, illustrators, designers, etc. In addition, streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube and India’s own Loco represent huge economic potential for the community. With streaming advertising revenue estimated at $6.5 billion in 2025, the rapid growth of streamers and gaming influencers across all platforms is bound to increase.

integration of new technologies

While emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) have transformed gaming, we expect much more innovation in the years to come. 5G and edge computing enable a synchronized gaming experience without interruptions. Imagine a simple app that loads onto any device and provides instant access to all your games for a more seamless gaming experience across all devices at home.

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More diverse player profiles

Multiple studies have shown that gamers today are dynamic, social, successful, and proud to call themselves gamers. Their demographics today have evolved as dynamically as video games and technology have evolved. There are no age or gender barriers to being a gamer and this trend is expected to increase.

Many platforms to showcase talent

Individuals and private organizations enable optimal sports experiences. From grassroots engagement programs in schools/colleges to opportunities in the workplace, sports and tech brands do everything they can to give them a platform. The recognition of esports at the Asian Games 2022 is further evidence of this.

To sum up, the Indian gambling industry is climbing to new heights. Combined efforts from all these areas are now showing signs that India is becoming a potential global leader in this area. As the new year begins, it will be exciting to see various innovations emerge, especially in terms of graphics, design, and other features that allow for better gameplay and portability.

The author is Director – Product Marketing, India Consumer, Dell Technologies

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