Everything you should know about mobile app reviews and tests

In recent years, peer recommendations appear to be overtaking digital marketing as consumers have become more skeptical of the latter. In fact, mobile app ratings and reviews have become the biggest driver of business discovery and customer conversion. As a result, you can get paid to rate apps on your phone as positive ratings and reviews carry more weight than ever. They are the gateway to success in various business goals centered on the business app.

While your app’s positive reviews are important to making a great first impression, they can be difficult to maintain. In fact, you cannot leave it up to your users to rate or review it. Instead, you need to test your app’s functionality and usability to provide a seamless user experience and earn positive reviews.

In this article, you will learn about the modern mobile app landscape and how you can use it to make a decent income.

Mobile app ratings explained

Ratings are the comments that your mobile app users leave on the App Store or Google Play Store. Both consumers and testers share their experiences, voice their concerns, or praise your app. Then Apple and Google decide which reviews to highlight.

Reviews and ratings are what potential users see first when they search for apps. This motivates them to download the app, request improvements, give feedback and more.

Types of mobile apps

There are three categories of mobile apps. They include:

Mobile Web App: These are responsive website versions wrapped in a web view. You can view these progressive web apps through a mobile browser or work on a mobile device.

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Native app: These are apps developed for mobile devices and their operating systems. When developing native apps, special SDKs are required; Thus, they offer a reliable, intuitive user experience.

Hybrid app: These apps are developed using a combination of web technologies and native APIs. Therefore, developing hybrid apps is easier, faster and cheaper than native apps.

Get started with mobile app testing

Mobile app testing is vital. It involves validating an Android or iOS app to determine its usability and functionality before releasing it publicly. Mobile app testers verify that the app meets expected business and technical requirements. For example, they test whether the app is compatible with various mobile sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and many more. They test the GUI for functionality, such as menus, navigation buttons, dropdowns, etc.

The good news is that one platform lets you work with a team of mobile app testers who can test you across screen resolutions, different bandwidths, and OS versions. Mobile and tablet app testers download apps to their iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, test the entire app functionality, write a short review of their experience with the app and report any bugs. Due to the large number of apps that developers are launching, one can earn outsized income as a mobile app tester and review writer.

Why mobile app testing is so important 1. Validate the functionality and usability of the app

Mobile app testing is necessary as it validates the functionality, performance, and appearance of your app on different devices. A mobile app should be optimized for multiple devices and their operating systems. This helps your app provide a customer-centric experience and increase reach.

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2. Attract more users

Companies are developing mobile apps to reach more users around the world. They want their existing and potential customers to install their apps instead of the competition. But no one is going to like using a hard-to-use or buggy app, so you need to test your mobile apps thoroughly.

3. Provide a seamless user experience

New users will delete or uninstall your app if they experience poor user experience due to bugs on their devices. After all, the success of any mobile app is based on the user’s first impression. Therefore, any malfunction or unexpected app crash will prevent potential users from installing and using your app. This contributes to the potential loss of customers and revenue.

Therefore, mobile app testing is crucial as it allows developers to release mobile apps that are fast, meet their expectations and don’t take up much space on their devices.

Features to be analyzed during a mobile app test

Organizations conduct mobile app testing to help them launch a successful, optimized mobile application. Mobile app testers provide their opinion on an app’s functionality for a fee. This helps the app development team to launch a well-rounded product and thus appeal to more users.

Testing all functions of the app is unrealistic due to limited deadlines. Despite this, app testers identify the most critical characteristics of the target audience and make sure they all work as expected. These features include:

UI Security Design Theme Basic Functionality

Ecommerce apps are popular. Some of their important features are product catalog, payment mechanism, shopping cart, etc. Mobile app testers download and test them on their devices to detect anomalies in their design or workflow. The goal is to help potential users have a good experience while going about their daily tasks.

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How to make money as a mobile app tester and write reviews

There are many ways to make money online, but testing and writing reviews for mobile apps is the most fun. There are many companies out there looking for mobile app testers. Such brands are willing to pay them a reasonable commission for trying out their apps.

You can start by creating a profile on WriteAppReviews if you have a smartphone, tablet, computer and a stable connection. Developers often hire testers to try out their apps and make sure they’re user-friendly before releasing them. This feedback is important.

Below are ways to earn a decent income as a mobile app tester.

Install their app on your devices Try the app by watching movies, games, listening to music, etc. Write reviews Complete a short survey or report Provide other feedback