Exclusive: Upendra’s “UI” will feature technology used in Avatar: Way of Water

With an estimated budget of Rs 100 crore, the Kannada superstar’s next film is planning a major release in multiple languages

Upendra’s new film “UI” will delight the audience.

Kannada superstar Upendra’s next directorial film UI, a pan-Indian film, is creating the right excitement.

Upendra, who rarely reveals anything about the film he is directing or starring in, has shared a glimpse of his new movie, one of the most anticipated films of 2023.

The creators released a 32-second behind-the-scenes (BTS) video that wowed everyone. While on most BTS videos the directors would say lights, camera and action, here Upendra is seen he Monitor, Mocobot, Stype, GFM, Probe, 360 Camera, Lights, Smoke, Fire, Roll Camera, Steady -Cam movement and action instructs. So what does it mean?


Upendra is directing the upcoming movie UI.

So what’s Real Star up to? The Bund has received some exclusive information user interface.


Naveen Manoharan, the film’s co-producer, narrated The Bund: “One of the highlights of the film is that an entire sequence is shot in a virtual reality pipeline. This means the shooting environment is built virtually in 3D and for the first time creators can see the output as they shoot the film. We’re the first in the country to crack it. It is just like the creation of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) who developed a similar Virtual Reality (VR) technology for Avatar: The Way of Water‘.”

Upendra is the first Kannada actor to be 3D scanned with 200 cameras.

Naveen claims that with an estimated budget of Rs 100 crore the film will have over 14,000+ VFX shots, probably the highest number of such shots used at Sandalwood to date. Motion capture, face capture, and virtual reality are various innovative methods used extensively in the film.

Filming for the Talkie parts is well underway and the creators have been shooting in Bangalore, Mysore and Hyderabad so far. The crew is building an 8-acre set on NICE Road in Bangalore to shoot the rest of the film. The set is 90 percent complete and the next shooting schedule starts on January 20th.

Surprises galore

Naveen says surprises are in store.

“Not many outside of the core team will understand what is happening. Even “set boys” have no idea what we’re shooting. Due to the technology we are using, we have to shoot the film in small batches and it is heavily edited in post-production. We’ll only be able to see the end result on the big screen and I’m sure audiences will be impressed with the way it comes out,” says Naveen.

It will be Ajaneesh B Loknath (Kantara fame) composed the music for the film. While most of the songs will be filmed in India, some could be filmed abroad as well. The identity of the heroine has not yet been revealed.

The BTS video was released on January 2nd at 10:00 am as a gift from the creators and within 10 minutes of its release, “UI” started trending on Twitter India. The 32-second video is currently #2 trending on YouTube.

The creators plan to self-release the film in 2023, most likely in multiple languages.


There has long been speculation about the title of the film. Internet users have developed their own versions for the title “UI”. While some speculate ‘U’ as Neenu (You) and ‘I’ as Naanu (Me), there are others who speculate that ‘I’ is Wahlink and ‘U’ as the fingers form around it, which translates to Upendras political party Prajakeeya refers .

Some say it could be Uppi 3 if the poster is viewed from a different angle.