Exhibition on using tech for conservation- The New Indian Express

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BENGALURU: To break out of the mold of a regular school exhibition, Sophia High School organizes a science exhibition over the weekend – Evolet. Among the many exhibits was a live turtle, donated to the exhibit by the monastery that runs the school, to show the importance of preserving natural habitats.

The exhibition was directed and curated by 12th graders from the girls’ school, bringing to life topics related to artificial intelligence, waste management, sustainability, technology and biotechnology. In addition to the live turtle, exhibits included a life-size mammoth sculpture, a haunted house made from recycled and sustainable materials, multiple AI iterations like a maze robot, and an escape room.

“The exhibition aims to show different ways of using this very technology, which was a slow poison to save the house we almost destroyed. It should emphasize the use of waste products and thereby lean towards a sustainable world,” read a statement released by the school.

The exhibition also featured “Technopolis,” a concept model of a smart city that promised to solve pollution-related problems. Also on display are models of a green building, “Cybertecture” and a Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, an electric car.