Experts warn of ‘dangerous’ car mats as TikTok video goes viral

Experts warn of ‘dangerous’ car mat issue amid TikTok video (Canva) (Image: Canva)

Experts have warned UK motorists of a “dangerous” and widespread problem with car mats in a viral video on TikTok.

The problem, which is very common in UK vehicles, sparked an alert after a TikTok video and comment section offered a “solution”.

However, Chill’s insurance experts warned of the simple mistake after a video was shared on TikTok with thousands of impressions.

Experts warn of dangerous car mats amid TikTok videos

The TikTok video, which has garnered over 186,000 likes and around 2.5,000 shares, urges users to be careful with their floor mats when they pose an obstacle.

In the video, titled “CHECK YOUR FLOOR MATS,” the poster can be seen in her car with her gas pedal caught under the car mat, which would have caused it to move.

One user commented, saying, “I always keep mine narrower for this reason,” while another added, “I always throw out the floor mats if there’s any possibility of soiling.” [with] every pedal.”

Chill expert Neil Curry warns: “Full control of your vehicle is paramount, especially to reduce the likelihood of an accident at the wheel. Anything that could affect your foot pedals must be avoided or addressed immediately.

“If your car mat gets stuck on your accelerator pedal, you can easily harm yourself, others or your vehicle. As well as the obvious dangers, there can also be financial consequences as insurance premiums could go up and you may have to pay for any damages.”

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: (Canva) Poorly fitted car mats can be dangerous and cause major damage

(Canva) Poorly fitting car mats can be dangerous and cause major damage (Image: Canva)

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Experts reveal how to make sure your car mat is safe

While some choose to ditch their car mats, experts say they are important and warn that getting rid of them could damage your vehicle.

The story goes on

The experts added that properly measuring and fitting the mats can go a long way in ensuring they are safe.

Here’s how, according to experts, you can make sure your car mat is safe:

Measure your car floors

The best way to ensure your car mat is secure is to take accurate measurements and note any imperfections.

This allows the mat to be adjusted more precisely.

Fasten the mat securely

There are a number of ways you can secure the car mat to the floor of your vehicle to reduce the chance of it shifting or sliding.

Some vehicles have built in hooks or fasteners that you can connect to the mat, Velcro strips and double sided carpet tape can also be used to add stability.

let’s check it out

Go to your local garage and ask a professional to inspect your floor mat or help you choose the right one.