Extremely Sweaty Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Mixed Reality Swordfighting Game

Another day, another Zucko fencing promo.


If you didn’t know that Mark Zuckerberg-turned-facebook’s meta-CEO is extremely into fencing — and swords in general — well he is.

No big deal or anything, but him was captain of the fencing team at his swanky boarding school, Phillip Exeter Academy, and he’s been honing his swashzucklin’ chops ever since – a fact he’s featured in virtually every single Metaverse slash augmented reality promo video he’s released in the past has, has proven continuously a few years.

Case in point: The CEO yesterday used his fencing skills to promote his rebranded company’s new virtual reality headset called Quest Pro (aka Project Cambria, Zucko’s sneaky project codename). Unlike previous headsets, this one was a very sweaty Zuckerberg showing off by “fencing” with Olympic opponents, has mixed reality skills.

In other words, the headset, due to launch at the end of October, will not only offer its wearer a new, complete reality to experience. It weaves a virtual reality into the physical – which, remarkably, is a central feature of the founder’s Metaverse dreams.

“Fencing in the Metaverse with Olympic gold medalist and world number one @leetothe Kiefer and two-time Olympic champion @gerekmeinhardt,” Swashzucky captioned the fencing stunt. “Our new high-end VR headset, coming out next month with mixed reality, lets you see virtual objects (like your friends’ fencing) alongside the physical world around you.”


As Upload VR points out that the video itself is quite heavily compressed, making it difficult to gauge the quality of the graphics when you’re actually wearing the headset. That being said, a few notable improvements to the Quest 2 stand out.

While Quest 2’s real-world display was extremely grainy black and white, Quest Pro’s appears to have color and a helpful depth sensor. And due to new and improved pancake lenses, the visor itself is slimmer which could make for a more comfortable fit. The tech also reportedly features face-and-eye-tracking technology, a feature designed to enhance social interactions.

And apparently, since Zuckerberg has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the fencing function is very good. Maybe. At least break a sweat. Engard!

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